Learn English Grammar And Discover Common English Prefixes Ep 436
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In Today's English Lesson We Learn Some Grammar ✔Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/english-learn-grammar-8/

In today’s English grammar lesson, we talk about adding a prefix to an English word to change its meaning. We’ve talked about prefix and suffixes in previous English lessons. Today we focus on prefix rather than suffix, using a lot of interesting examples.

Other  than when to use a hyphen and when not to, prefixes are pretty  straightforward. In fact, although some people will frown at me for  saying this, if you don’t use a hyphen most people won’t even notice  them missing. For example, self-made or self made millionaire. Your  spell checker is the only thing likely to complain.

If  you’re unfamiliar with prefixes, then you might already use English  words that include them without even knowing. I’ve included some modern  uses and some words with prefixes that you’ve almost certainly heard but  may not have spotted.

Just a quick thank you to all those people who keep sending in podcast suggestions and those of you who email me letting me know how Adept English is helping you learn English. I find it really motivating to hear your individual stories, thank you. It would be really great to talk about some of the success stories in future podcasts, so if you have a success story and would not mind me sharing it with our listeners send me an email, with your story and maybe a photo, and don’t forget to say you don’t mind if we publish your story and photo!

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