Learn About Intermittent Fasting In This English Listening Practice Lesson Ep 441
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Improving Your Health With English Listening Practice ✔Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/english-listening-practice-10/

Today  we talk about fasting in our English listening practice. There are lots  of reasons for fasting, some religious, some to help with weight loss  but more recently people are doing it to help with their health. Fancy  that, an English language podcast that’s interesting, on a topic worth  listening to.

Today we talk about not eating food, and why this is a good idea for your health. The world-wide trend on the consumption of food is up, we eat much more than we used to. In the UK it’s normal to eat  three enormous meals a day, and snacks in between. So why is there a  growing fasting trend in the UK?

Adept  English specialises in creating English language lessons that keep you  engaged. We built our system of learning and improving your spoken  English around lots and lots of listening to English being spoken correctly. The more you listen and focus on what you are  hearing, the better your English comprehension and spoken English will  be.

Notice how much of the English language learning materials you  will find on the Internet are just boring. Even when the content is  useful, it’s just so hard to listen to it impedes your learning. Here at  Adept English we create interesting English language podcast lessons you can come back to time and time again. We make every one of our  lessons interesting enough that you can stay focused on what you are  listening to and use spaced interval learning to lock-in, to your  long-term memory, the time you invest in learning English.

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Adept English is here to help with FREE English lessons and language  courses that are unique, modern and deliver results. You can learn to  speak English quickly using our specialised brain training. We get  straight to the point of how you should learn to speak English. We teach  you in a fun and simple way that delivers results. If you want to learn  to speak English, our approach to learning through listening will improve your English fluency.  

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