An Interesting English Listening Practice Lesson About Climate Change Ep 488
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In this English listening practice lesson, I have recorded a topic which is about climate change and the recent COP 26 climate conference that was hosted in Glasgow in Scotland by the UK government. Making interesting English lessons is important. Keeping you focused and engaged in the content you need to learn to improve your English skills is half the battle when learning a new language. In this lesson, you will hear lots of  English vocabulary, idioms, phrases and British culture and views, so jump in and start listening now.

This lesson will help you improve your English language listening skills.

✔Lesson transcript:

The  COP26 was a two week UN-sponsored international conference held in the  Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, UK. COP stands for ‘Conference of the  Parties’ this is a term used by the United Nations Climate Change which  is used to refer to meetings held annually during its Convention period.  The conference seeks to reduce global warming to well below 2 degrees  Celsius, aiming for 1.5 degrees if possible.

With important countries not attending the event, and some important world leaders sleeping during presentations,  ask yourself, are we taking these problems seriously any more? Even the  event’s name suggests we have genuine problems agreeing to make changes  collectively. We are in the 26th meeting and we still don’t have a  common world agreement dealing with the key issue of temperature rises.

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