Working From Home WFH A Practice Conversation In English Ep 442
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Conversations In English That Help Language Learners With English Comprehension ✔Lesson transcript:

Working  from home has gone from being rare to commonplace during the pandemic.  There are positive and negative aspects to this new way of working, and  in today’s English lesson we will focus on the positive. This  contemporary and topical English listening lesson is full of useful conversational English vocabulary and phrases. Remember to listen to the conversation several times using spaced repetition.

Working  from home is not a new idea, but until the pandemic came along and  forced many people to stay home and work, it was never really an idea  that employers felt comfortable with. No employer could afford to take  the risk of trying working from home on a large scale and see the  experiment fail. So the idea remained an idea that employers could not  afford to try, and we continued to travel to work in offices and change  remained unlikely.

Now, because  of the pandemic, businesses do not have a choice and are conducting the  experiment, anyway. Businesses in the UK have had the British taxpayer  pay the bills for staff working from home, and now 18 months later the  experiment nobody could afford before has finished and what are the  results? Well, they are interesting and you will need to listen to the  podcast to find out more.

The thing that’s been  positively surprising to people is that people are more productive  working at home than people would have expected. Some people thought  that everything was just going to fall apart, and it hasn’t. And a lot  of people are actually saying that they’re more productive now.
⭐ Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

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