mRNA And Traditional Vaccines Explained For Non-Science People Ep 445
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UK Vaccine Technology - Interesting English Speaking Topics ✔Lesson transcript:

The UK has jabbed 74 million arms,  with covid-19 vaccinations. Yet most people don’t understand the  medical science or technology that’s being used in these new generation  of modern vaccines. So today we are going to use our English-speaking practice lesson as an opportunity to learn what the experts say about the vaccines used in the UK.

It’s  quite tricky talking about Covid-19 related topics. With so much  information, both correct and incorrect being shouted at people on the  internet it makes you want to just keep your head down and avoid the  complete mess. However, I think it’s important to listen to my  listeners! The one topic I’ve had a lot of requests for podcast ideas has been on covid-19 vaccines.

I’m  not an expert on these things, but I’ve taken time to find the views of  experts that I would listen to. I’m only going to talk about the  vaccines being used in the UK. Even though there are many others from  Russia, China and Germany, for example. I’ve tried to reference  resources that are fact checked or come from official sources.

Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.
⭐ William Osler, Scientist

I  know people like to talk about the problems with vaccines, and the  unknowable risks. No medicine is perfect, there is always a risk  involved. In the UK there are some (about 280,000 out of 74,000,000)  unfortunate people who have not reacted well to the vaccines but for  99.6% of the others in the UK the vaccines have nearly completely  removed the risk of dying from covid-19. 10 times more people are dying of flu and pneumonia than of Covid-19 in the UK right now.

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