The Many Common English Words For The Colour Red In The English Language Ep 476
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Do you know how many common English words there are for the colour red? ✔Lesson transcript:

Expand your English language comprehension and learn some new common English words without seeing red in this English lesson. Learn about some of the many names for the  colour red in the English language, plus scenarios where you might want  more creative options for describing red. We explain where you might  hear these words being used. We show you how you would use them  yourself. Learning this type of conversational English will help you  comprehend everyday English being used naturally.

This is a good  English lesson for you to listen to and comprehend the everyday  conversational English being used in natural situations. This is a 10+  minute lesson where we give you an opportunity to listen to lots of  different English words and phrases. When you listen to our podcast lessons, you will learn English vocabulary, English grammar, pronunciation, English idioms, English phrases and more. We use a listen and learn a system of language learning. A system which trusts and helps your  brain’s natural language learning abilities to help you learn through  language acquisition. We have lots more English lessons available on and we release 2 new English lessons every week.

There  are many names for the colour red in English language. We will look at a  few of them in this lesson. If you just want to get by, you can just  use red, and pretty much everyone will understand what you are saying.  But where is the fun in that? Sometimes you want to be more descriptive,  especially with the colour red, which is associated with powerful emotions, such as love, passion, and anger.

There is a shade of red for every woman.
⭐ Audrey Hepburn, Actress

A  situation where you might use this more expressive and descriptive  English language is when you are being creative or involved in an  emotional process. For example, painting, art, video, where someone  might ask you “what colour is that?” and you want to express a more  creative view. Or when you see artwork on display that grabs your  attention and you want to describe what you see using more expressive  language for the colours.

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