How To Have A Polite English Conversation Ep 440
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Polite English Conversations ✔Lesson transcript:

How to be polite is important to us British. The British, as a rule, go out of our way to maintain polite English conversation,  even when we are complaining. It’s about maintaining the high moral  ground and keep up your manners. We expect people to behave in a decent  and mannered way, and we notice when people are not conforming to the  expected standard of polite interaction.

Take the use of “sorry”  for example, it’s used so much it’s automatic, a habit. Someone might  bump into you, you both would almost certainly say “I’m sorry” even  though it was probably only one of you who should say it. It’s almost a  cultural thing. There is no harm in saying it, your implicitly accepting  that the incident was an accident and your sorry it happened.

In some ways it’s a shame, because over using “Sorry” diminishes the meaning behind the word. It’s a bit like “Thanks” (thank you),  you will hear people use this word so much it’s not really a real thank  you, it’s just filler. For example, you might be in a shop and an  attendant approaches you and asks “Are you OK, do you need something?”  and a typical response would be “No I’m fine, thanks”. It’s just a  polite way of ending the conversation.

My father believed in toughness, honesty, politeness and being on time. All very important lessons.
⭐ Roger Moore

I  think it’s nice to live in a polite society. The British take pride in  being polite, there is an unseen standard being used when you interact  with a British person. Your character and behaviour are quietly being  judged and polite manners will go a long way to help your cause at work  or in everyday life in the UK. It’s relatively simple, it costs you  nothing and will probably help you so there is little or no harm in  being polite with your English conversations.

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