Mar 30, 2020
Social Distancing With Friends: Christian Juhl
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GroupM Global CEO Christian Juhl discusses heading up an organization with 32,000 employees and some of the world’s largest brand clients amid a pandemic – all while being single parenting his 12-year-old son.

The Flip
The Flip
Justin Norman
Smart People Should Build Things - On Recruiting and the Global Competition for Top Talent
The very nature of a high-growth startup means that the company is always growing and hiring at a rapid rate. And for African startups, in particular, the talent question is even more acute, given the general challenges of sourcing for select roles, as well as the difficulty in competing for talent with other startups, multinationals, and companies elsewhere in the world. In this episode, we unpack the talent and recruiting situation for venture-backed startups and growth-stage companies - how do we source for newer types of roles, like product and growth? Do we hire for aptitude and train up? Do we go to where there is more talent? How does remote work - particularly during COVID-19 - play a role here? 2:50 - We discuss the current recruiting landscape with Toun Tunde-Anjous, Founder of The People Practice. 4:38 - Charles Sekwalor, CEO of Movemeback, shares his views on the talent question, and the opportunities with startups and growth-stage companies on the continent. 8:17 - We explore startup recruitment strategy with Ijeoma Oyeyinka, Helium Health's Head of HR. 10:26 - Many startups, including Helium Health, use outside recruiters, as well. Toun's The People Practice is one such firm. 11:20 - We har from Ijeoma & Mansi Babyloni, Flutterwave's Global Head of People Strategy on the hiring competition, and the pitches they make to mission-driven talent. 15:12 - Mansi & Toun on compensation and their experiences with African startups offering equity packages. 17:59 - On remote working dynamics and the opportunity to tap into a wider talent pool, particularly due to COVID-19. 20:46 - A discussion on training & development of talent, and in particular less experienced talent, on the continent. 24:23 - We hear from Aaron Fu, on the Venture for Africa fellowship program, and their endeavor to de-risk an exploration into the African tech and startup ecosystem. 28:13 - As always, a reflective conversation between Justin Norman and Sayo Folawiyo on this episode's topic.
32 min
BT Money Hacks
BT Money Hacks
The Business Times
Evolving your investment portfolio for risk and liquidity: Money Hacks Ep 82
Money Hacks Ep 82: Evolving your investment portfolio for risk and liquidity 9:38 min Synopsis: Updated fortnightly on Mondays, The Business Times breaks down useful financial tips. This episode is about how to evolve your investment portfolio as you move through life on your path to retirement. It is brought to you by UOB Asset Management (UOBAM). BT's digital editor Chris Lim hosts Dharmo Soejanto, head of the investment partnerships & solutions unit at UOBAM and chief investment strategist for UOBAM Invest, as he tells us more. Five steps to manually changing your portfolio to match changing risk appetites and liquidity needs (1:47) How UOBAM Invest can help you automatically and easily adjust portfolios to optimise risk exposure and liquidity throughout life with its feature called Glide-path (3:35)  How UOBAM Invest's Glide-path solution sets it apart from other robo-advisors in the market and helps investors adjust their portfolios throughout their life stages (4:35) How the regular rebalancing feature in UOBAM Invest's Glide-path solution is helpful during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis over time (5:44) Market indices tend to include winners over time and drop off "losing" companies or industries, and why it's important to stay invested and have a systematic robo advisor these days (6:38) More on UOBAM Invest Digital Adviser & its Glide-path solution Produced by: Chris Lim and Ernest Luis Edited by: Adam Azlee Follow Money Hacks podcasts fortnightly on Mondays and rate us on: Channel: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google podcasts: Website: Feedback to: Do note: Any financial or investment information in this podcast is for use in Singapore only and is intended to be for your general information. Any particular investment or decision should only be made after consulting with a fully qualified financial adviser. See for privacy information.
10 min
The Tech Talks Daily Podcast
The Tech Talks Daily Podcast
Neil C. Hughes
1381: The Data and Predictive Models Driving Digital Transformation
Christopher Rigg is an innovative senior leader with extensive experience in the corporate setting as a technology and operations executive and in the consulting setting as a managing partner, delivery partner, and account leader. He is intently focused on leveraging Technology to improve client experiences, increase revenue, and enhance operational efficiency. Christopher appeared on my radar when I read that he said, "Technology will change. Resources will come and go. But the most important thing is understanding your north star vision and the technologies that are shifting and evolving to help you continue your growth, regardless of the underlying changes." During Amazon's annual conference, a reporter asked Jeff Bezos what's going to change in the next ten years, and here was his response: "Well, certainly, in 10 years, many things will evolve; Technology will change. Machine-learning Technology, in particular, will evolve very significantly over the 10-year time horizon. But I would always encourage people, when they think about ten years, to ask the question, what won't change? That's the more important question. You can build strategies around things that will be stable in time. In that 10-year vision, there are a bunch of things at Amazon that are not going to change. One of them, maybe the most important one, is that we will stay customer-obsessed instead of competitor-obsessed. We will work on maintaining that culture." [Jeff Bezos on Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times] I wanted to learn more about this and how EKI's #ShiftHappens campaign aims to educate on how businesses can thrive during the ever-increasing digital shift currently underway. I learn more about how they will be producing a series of webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, and social media content regarding the shift that we're all experiencing.
24 min
Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People
Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People
Guy Kawasaki
Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee and Netflix's Dream Home Makeover
Syd and Shea McGee of Studio McGee and McGee&Co This episode’s guests, yes plural, are the delightful Syd and Shea McGee. They are the power couple behind Studio McGee and McGee & Co. With a vision that beautiful design can be approachable, Studio McGee has become one of the leading innovators in the interior design industry. This is the first wife-husband interview on Remarkable People. While they are individually remarkable, together they are unstoppable. Their business includes a home design firm as well as a line of carefully curated products. They’ve also designed a line of merchandise sold at Target, co-authored new book called Make Life Beautiful. And if that’s not enough, they’re starring in a new Netflix series called Dream Home Makeover All born from the idea of making life beautiful and blooming into a thriving business in just five years with a foundation on Instagram. In this episode, you’ll learn about rocking Instagram, working together as a married couple, the grit and determination that’s necessary to make a business successful, and how I should redo the background in my home studio. There’s even a marriage tip for Instagram couples. This episode is brought to you by reMarkable, the paper tablet. It's my favorite way to take notes, sign contracts, and save all the instruction manuals to all the gadgets I buy. Learn more at I hope you enjoyed this podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes It takes less than sixty seconds, and it really makes a difference in swaying new listeners and upcoming guests. I might read your review on my next episode! Sign up for Guy's weekly email at Connect with Guy on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Read Guy’s books: Thank you for listening and sharing this episode with your community.
1 hr 4 min
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