a good refugee
a good refugee
Jan 16, 2021
Training the next JEDI leaders - Annahid Dashtgard (45 mins)

Author and change-maker Annahid Dashtgard chats with Gelek about her life and work confronting racism (00:55), how the oppressed can become oppressors (09:00), healing work among racialized peoples (18:30), the limits of diversity trainings (25:00), adding justice to EDI work (36:22), the upcoming Anima Leadership Conference (40:00), and more.


ANNAHID DASHTGARD is author, change-maker and co-founder of Anima Leadership, a highly respected international consulting company specializing in issues of diversity and inclusion. Annahid has over 25 years of experience designing systemic change initiatives and coordinating programs at local, national and international levels. In her career, she has moved from organizing national political campaigns targeting broad scale change to studying the psychology of individual behaviour. 

She is the host of the podcast series Soundwaves of Belonging, and the director of two award-winning documentaries, Bye Buy World: The Battle of Seattle and Bread. Her memoir Breaking the Ocean: Race, Rebellion and Reconciliation launched August 2019 to rave reviews. 

On Jan 21 and 22, Annahid will be hosting Anima Leadership’s Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times Conference.

Episode notes

  • Annahid intro [00:55]

  • Dismantling Canadian exceptionalism (homegrown white extremism, Proud Boys). [04:40]

  • How the oppressed can become oppressors. [09:00]

  • Reconciliation vs accountability [13:40]

  • Cancel culture and how do you meet in the middle with a white supremacist? [16:45]

  • Importance of healing work among racialized peoples. [18:30]

  • Channeling rage against injustice properly. [21:20]

  • The limits of diversity and representation politics. [25:00]

  • @arayabaker: racial justice is not about diversity, it’s about overthrowing power. [32:00]

  • Diversity trainings being used as a checklist by organizations. [34:10]

  • J.E.D.I.: justice, equity, diversity and inclusion [36:22]

  • Anima Leadership Conference 2021 [40:00]

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