a good refugee
a good refugee
Dec 27, 2020
Am I the Asshole? with Nishant Upadhyay (64 mins)

Happy Holidays! The esteemed professionals and academics at a Good Refugee Pod get into the festive spirit by partaking in the joyous tradition of identifying people with asshole tendencies. Gelek and Tsering, along with special guest Nishant Upadhyay, pass judgments on a housekeeper terrorized by plush lizard toys (05:25), the U.S. finding $600 for Americans (14:30), dick pic etiquette (22:40), Modi and the farmer protests in India (31:15), and our millennial casanova Martin Shkreli. Bonus discussion on the Bidens and the whole deal about credentials (52:30).

Episode Notes

  • Nishant intro [04:00]

  • AITA for refusing to make my son get rid of a toy that scares our housekeeper? [05:25]

  • AITA for giving $600 stimulus checks to struggling Americans? [14:30]

  • AITA for getting mad at my mom for sending me a dick pic [22:40]

  • AITA for passing farmer’s bills in India and causing the largest protest ever? [31:15]

  • AITA for having a crush on a universally reviled pharma-bro [41:10]

  • Bonus: AITA for talking at any length about the importance of credentials [52:30]

  • Closing AITA remarks [60:25]


Nishant Upadhyay is an Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. They received their PhD at York University, Toronto in the Graduate Program of Social and Political Thought in 2016.



AITA for refusing to make my son get rid of a toy that scares our housekeeper?

COVID-19 relief package: $600 stimulus checks, $300 bonus for federal unemployment benefits in new deal

AITA: my mom sent me a dick pic and is mad I’m mad?

Dozens die during India farmers’ protests; Modi offers more talks

The Journalist and the Pharma Bro

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