Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques
Aaron Henriques
It took me until I was 29 years old, after growing up in a council flat and working as a police officer in London my entire adult life, always having entrepreneurial ideas but never acting on them, before I even started to realise I could do so much more. I realised the life I was born into didn’t have to define who I could become or how successful I could be in whatever I really wanted to pursue. It became clear that believing I could never succeed just because I wasn’t one of the ‘born rich & lucky’ people, with the money and lifestyle I could only ever dream of… well it was simply a myth. The myth that you can either be rich & unhappy OR poor & content, just didn’t work for me. Why couldn’t I choose to be rich, successful and happy?! I realised the main thing holding me back was just myself. Not the life I was born into. Not how much money I had. Not who I knew (or didn’t). Just me and my own limiting beliefs that was drilled into me even before my first day at pre-school. I realised all I had to do was gain the Confidence to seize Opportunities so that I could win in business, investing & in life. Since leaving that life behind in 2017 it’s not all been smooth sailing but I enjoy my freedom, earn passive income and live a lifestyle that I want to live and it’s all been by gaining the confidence to seize opportunities in business, investing & in life! Have the confidence today to take that first step and Join me on a journey to becoming the successful person that you want to be. Do it today as tomorrow will never come. Follow me Aaron Henriques on Social & YouTube Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronhenray YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/aaronhenray?sub_confirmation=1 Website: https://opportunityawaits.us
Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques
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