Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques
Aaron Henriques
I'm Aaron Henriques, a British expat, business investor and entrepreneur who buys simple businesses. I own multiple businesses in the UK and Dubai and am a former police officer. Ready to transform your financial journey and build wealth? You're in the right place! Subscribe for expert Dubai expat tips and join our Opportunity Awaits podcast community. Here, I share my own real-world, no-nonsense, ad-free insights to empower you to seize lucrative opportunities in business and investing. Be part of something bigger and let's grow together! Opportunity Awaits® is a registered trademark of Handlr Ops Ltd registered in England, UK 12786304. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this podcast are based on personal experiences and opinions at the time of recording and are subject to change. This content is not professional advice and should not be relied upon for making decisions. Liability is limited. Full disclaimer at https://aaronhenriques.com/disclaimer
Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques
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