7. Outsourcing: Why VA's & Freelancers Will Help You Grow Your Business Fast
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Are you an overworked entrepreneur doing everything yourself?

Entrepreneurs who try to do everything themselves may save a bit of money BUT they will eventually burn out and risk a failed business if they fail to outsource tasks to staff, freelancers and virtual assistants. 

Discover exactly how having help in your business can make you happier and boost your business profits at the same time.

Learn why outsourcing is the way to grow your business in 2022 and beyond.


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00:00 - Fact or Myth: New Entrepreneurs Should Do Everything?

00:49 - Why You'll Probably Be Terrible at Doing EVERYTHING Yourself

01:09 - The Essential Skills of an Entrepreneur

01:36 - VA's and Outsourcing - The Stress-Free Way to Get the Job Done

01:57 - Full-Time Staff or Freelancers?

02:15 - How To Find A Freelancer - Ways to Get The Best Expert

02:36 - Outsourcing: Why It Will Be The Best Investment For Your Business

03:00 - How to Stop Resenting Your Business and Love it

03:30 - Virtual Assistants: What To Outsource & What Not To

04:18 - How Much Does It Cost to Outsource to Freelancers & Virtual Assistants?

05:04 - Outsourcing for Business - How It Can Speed Up Your Growth

05:24 - Freelancing vs. Virtual Assistants: Which One is Better For YOU?

05:50 - 5 Reasons to Outsource to Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

05:58 - Managing Without a Business Partner - Tips to Keep Your Life in Balance

06:30 - How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Cost?

06:42 - Why Your Business Needs to be Known, Liked and Trusted

06:53 - How To Become A Better Leader Without Any Experience




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