6. I Regret Not Investing In My 20's: Here's What That Could Have Meant
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Listen why Aaron Henriques regrets missing opportunities and not investing in the stock market during his 20’s. Discover the false beliefs you probably tell yourself that’s holding you back from investing in your future and why you should start investing now to take advantage of compounding.


See the hidden spending habits that you can change today that could make you rich in the future and its not saving money in the bank. Listen to how the banks are taking advantage of you and making themselves a ton of money that belongs to you!


00:00 - Financial Mistakes You Made in Your 20's/30's

01:07 - Investing 101: Why I've been researching stocks and shares

01:16 - What Are the Different Types of Stocks and Shares You Can Buy?

01:48 - Top Investing False Beliefs We All Had At 18 Years Old

02:29 - The Secret to Learning about Investing - Why It Took So Long

03:03 - The True Power of Money: Why Cash Is Not King

03:30 - The Truth About Banks - What They Really Do With Your Money

04:12 - Why does money devalue over time?

05:36 - How to Change Your Spending Habits Today to Invest in Your Future

06:20 - 58 Things I'm Sharing From My Investing Journey

08:09 - What are the other investments besides stocks and shares?


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