Top 5 business, sales & mindset lessons for entrepreneurs from Grant Cardone's 10X Interactive Bootcamp 2021
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Grant Cardone’s 10X Interactive Bootcamp is one not to miss. I’ll share my TOP 5 lessons that I took away from the online business and entrepreneurs workshop held in 2021. I’ll take a deep dive into some mind blowing strategies that are simple for you to introduce into your business and life that will increase your sales, motivation and business success.


In This Episode...
  • Learn the TOP reason why you are not making enough online sales and how you can change that in just a few days!
  • How to write your business and life goals in an effective way so that you can achieve them
  • The right approach you can take to dealing with negotiations and signing new deals
  • Discover Grant Cardone’s way to tackle creating a MVP vs Perfect Product for your customers
  • Why you should ask TOUGH questions in your sales calls and not feel guilty about it

Plus more... so grab a coffee, listen in and stay tuned!


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✍️ Episode Info & Transcript:


Top Resources Mentioned In This Episode


Grant Cardone 

The star of season 2 “Undercover Billionaire” is as close to a self-made millionaire (or billionaire) as you can be. Grant Cardone has made much of his wealth from real-estate, has sales training and provides training for millions of entrepreneurs all over the world. Grant Cardone was no overnight success, starting his entrepreneurial journey and success later in life after fighting many personal challenges. He is an example and inspiration to most “average” people that you can do anything you set your mind to… if you want it enough.


Find out more about Grant on his website:

Be Obsessed or Be Average (Business Motivation Book & Audiobook)

The entrepreneurial business & motivation handbook. I’ve listened to the audiobook many times and would highly recommend it to anyone. This book is not highly polished, it has mistakes and Grant does clearly exaggerate some parts but if you can see beyond this, I promise you this is one of the best (if not the best) book you’ll ever come across. I’ve listened to the 11 hour audio at least 4 times now especially when I’m feeling unmotivated and I’m sure you’ll do the same.


Be Obsessed or Be Average Book:

Jarrod Glandt 

From what I understand Jarrod is an early employee of Grant Cardone who himself was not doing much with his life until meeting Grant. Today Jarrod seems to run the Grant Cardone operations and is in his own right a highly motivational person that any entrepreneur should be listening to.


Follow Jarrod Glandt on his Instagram:



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Learn More From Aaron Henriques on the Just Doing It Podcast! Topics Include:

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  • Sales Training 
  • How to plan for your online business success
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation tips
  • Google Ads mastery
  • Converting with Facebook Ads
  • How to avoid failing with your startup business
  • Getting Finance to start and scale your online business
  • Hiring (and firing) staff
  • Profitable business ideas even if you don't have a product to sell
  • Automating your online business and getting repeat customers
  • Business Strategy
  • Plus Much More all to help you Get Growing Online

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DISCLAIMER: (Because I have to really...)

I'm only sharing my own personal experiences, thoughts and views. Do not copy the things I’ve done without seeking professional advice and moan at me if it doesn’t work for you. And not try to sue me or any guests if you decide to try things anyway that doesn’t work out for you too! Results are not in any way guaranteed and may not be typical for most people. Please be sensible, educate yourself from multiple sources and make your own informed decisions with whatever you decide to do with the information you hear on this podcast. We will not accept any liability for any losses you incur as a result of anything said on this podcast and by listening you agree to this disclaimer. Otherwise, please feel free to listen to another podcast.


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