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The Path to Restoring the Heart of a Man with Author Morgan Snyder #183
May 29, 2020 · 41 min
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Morgan Snyder is more than my guest today. Our sixteen-year friendship is an anchor I repeatedly tether myself to for hope, truth, and joy. Our transformative reciprocity began when we were angsty younger men in our thirties. We'd commiserate together. Now we celebrate. To relieve anxiety, we'd pedal bikes in sync to reset our life's drive train. Our strategy? To conjure more energy, with an improved approach to come through for everyone except ourselves. Now we prioritize our soul's needs, joyfully contributing with wisdom's restraint in fewer places. Mashing those Colorado hills, Morgan was dictating his book aloud on how we can become the kind of man that God can entrust with power. He started with one question, "What's the most important thing?".

This book isn't for everyone, Becoming a King: The Path to Restoring the Heart of a Man.

Who is this book for? It's for the hungry, curious, and humble enough to admit maybe there is a better way? A less-traveled path that leads to abundant, sustainable life? If you're a man who values questions over answers and journeys over destinations, this book can change your life. I've walked and witnessed Morgan's excavation (a term you'll hear him use in almost every conversation) as a man, husband, father, employee, and friend. Before his inside-out restoration, restoring the heart of a man, he was intense. Today, he's still where he was unsettled and his winsome love and oxygenated Life with God is disarming and inviting.

-To the devout cynics, his warm "me too" rebel smile creates a safe zone to drop your guard.

-To the weary, he shows his scars underneath his flannel sleeves.

-To the polished and perfect, his empathetic, inquisitive engagement illuminates possible hairline cracks in the foundation.

For the few, the curious and open, there is a path that leads to life and few find it. Morgan is a trustworthy guide to this ancient path. Follow him. I do.

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