ACCA Insights
ACCA Insights
25 Sept 2020
The CFO of the Future
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The role of the chief financial officer, the CFO, is one that continues to evolve. The pandemic has reinforced the increased breadth and scope of responsibilities for many CFOs. In this podcast, which accompanies the ACCA and IMA report 'The CFO of the Future', we explore these trends with two of the contributors.
McKinsey Recruiting
McKinsey Recruiting
McKinsey & Company Recruiting
McKinsey Recruiting: Michiel on Mental Health
What is mental health and why is it important for consultants? How can meditation enrich your life and help you to deal with stressful situations? How does McKinsey support its clients to shift their mindsets and behaviors? Tune in and find answers to these questions and more in our latest McKinsey Recruiting Podcast episode, with Michiel. Michiel is a partner based in McKinsey’s Amsterdam office. He began his McKinsey career in New York in 2005, and prior to that, he worked in the marketing department at Unilever where he was responsible for a well-known ice-cream brand. Outside of work Michiel loves to spend time with his family and is writing a book about leading and learning outside of your comfort zone. # Before joining McKinsey, Michiel worked as a brand manager for a well-known ice-cream brand. # Michiel explains what Aikido is and why he takes at least one week of silence every year. # In addition to defining what mental health means to him, Michiel explains what Aberkyn does and why he co-founded it. # Michiel provides helpful insights on how he balances his job as a consultant with being a parent. # In our “Ask me anything” section, Michiel explains how he makes a clear cut between private and work life in times of constant availability. He also talks about criteria taken into consideration when deciding who gets invited for an interview at McKinsey. For more information on our podcast, visit: Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 34:49) >
35 mins
Digital HR Leaders with David Green
Digital HR Leaders with David Green
David Green
56. Why Are So Many Companies Building Talent Marketplaces? Interview with Ina Gantcheva
My guest on this week’s episode is Ina Gantcheva, a Principle in Deloitte’s Human Capital Practice and a leading authority on talent marketplace. In Ina’s words, talent marketplace has the potential to change the way organisations think about three fundamentals. One, work, by fractionalising work for increased efficiency. Second, the workforce, by unlocking greater potential and value. And finally third, the workplace, by breaking down silos. In our conversation Ina and I discuss: * The four P’s of iterative dynamic talent marketplace design. That is purpose, plan, program and platform * The role of HR in supporting the transformation and associated change management involved in talent marketplace * Examples of companies who have implemented a successful talent marketplace and the benefits they are enjoying as a result * The opportunities that talent marketplace provides to employees * How the pandemic has helped reshape the approach to talent marketplace * Whether talent marketplace will mean that jobs won't exist anymore. This episode is a must listen for anyone interested or involved in HR transformation, internal mobility, workforce planning, people analytics and HR technology. So that is Business Leaders, Chief HR Officers and anyone in a people analytics, learning or HR business partner role. Support for this podcast is brought to you by gloat. To learn more, visit
47 mins
Jack Sweeney Speaks to CFOs About Driving Change | Middle Market Media, LLC
677: Engaging Minds at Work | Michael Pickrum, CFO, ExecOnline
When Michael Pickrum tells us about ExecOnline, the company that he joined as CFO back in 2019, he wants us to know that the education technology firm is aligned with his goals both professionally and personally. When it comes to the professional side of things, Pickrum says, ExecOnline in certain ways is a media company. “You’re taking some IP and figuring out how to distribute and monetize it,” comments Pickrum, while boiling down the somewhat complex approach that ExecOnline uses to repackage the curricula of top business schools and universities to better serve the specific people development needs of a variety of corporate clients. Still, Pickrum’s shorthand description is intended not to spotlight the facets of ExecOnline’s business model but instead to draw our attention to its similarities with his past media industry experience—such as his 17 years with BET Networks, where he occupied the CFO office for 9 of them. As for the personal side of things, Pickrum says that he is a “big believer” when it comes to the transformative power of education. “I went to public schools growing up—I was very fortunate to go to a great university, and it changed my life,” remarks Pickrum, who adds that ExecOnline packages the academic IP not with aspiring college students in mind but with an eye toward first-time managers as well as more senior business leaders. According to Pickrum, part of the added value that ExecOnline offers corporate clients derives from providing the IP in a more relevant and efficient way. “Most of our programs are 1 week, 3 weeks, or 6ix weeks,” explains Pickrum, who says that at times the material being covered can be applied to a specific project that the managers are undertaking within their company. “It’s just a great marriage between the business school’s IP, professors, and resources, and our platform and ability to engage people where they are, which is at work.” –Jack Sweeney * Leave rating & review * Signup for our Newsletter GET MORE: Order now The CFO Yearbook, 2021
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