Wealthy Teachers
Wealthy Teachers
May 8, 2018
AMB 022 Masha Evpak on the Emotional Toll of a PhD Program
Play • 1 hr 24 min

Lindsay and Masha discuss how graduate work affects mental wellbeing and what it feels like to be a generalist in a system that requires specializing. They get into growth mindset, anxiety attacks, and mental health struggles in grad school and describe how the hardships and lessons of grad school now translate into Masha's job at a community college and her business as a confidence coach.


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Links discussed in this episode:


BoldAdulting Podcast https://www.boldadulting.com/blog/?tag=podcast

Masha interviews two of her former students on the BoldAdulting podcast: Med Student Cuong Lieu and Scientist Mo Anderson 

Masha's day job is at San Diego Continuing Education which has free career training including in small business

Sharing Science - Masha's students' project to share science to non-scientists on Instagram

Quirky Bingers, fat-positive binge-eating Facebook support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quirkybingers/

Science and Justice Research Center at UC Santa Cruz: https://scijust.ucsc.edu/

Recovering Academic podcast

Lena Benning - co-founder of Quirks Who Care and the artist who created Masha's business card design

The Allied Genetics Conference - the conference that was a turning point in Masha's decision to leave her PhD program

#SciComm and #SciCommJobs

Biz Chix podcast

She Podcasts Facebook Group


About Masha Evpak:

Masha Evpak has been waging a battle against the mental health problems rampant in academia since she realized how stressed out her fellow grad students were. She tackles these issues through one-on-one coaching, in-person workshops, and through her podcast. Masha is the founder of BoldAdulting.com (@BoldAdulting), where she helps amazing people courageously tackle what life throws at them, even when they're afraid they have no idea what they're doing. Her past experiences include working as a scientist and being shocked when she realized her 100 pound weight loss wasn’t the answer to her body image struggles. She uses the lessons of her past to inform both her BoldAdulting projects and her day job at San Diego Continuing Education.








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