Luck of the Irish...and that one Croatian dude (ep 14, Minisode 6)
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Do you think you're a lucky person? Apparently, we both think we are! Sarah is clearly lucky because of her commitment to superstitions and lucky charms and Kelly's luck is I guess is just because she's Irish? 

Stuff we discuss:

Irish people and luck: Apparently it comes from the fact that many of the most successful minors during the gold and silver rush were Irish and Irish American. Also apparently the phrase is meant to ridicule Irish folks since it had to be luck and not smarts. Screw you 19th-century racists!

Bill Morgan and his crazy luck rollercoaster. 

Luck lab and the lottery

Roy Sullivan Human Lightning Rod (so weird and also sad).

Frane Selak, is he lucky, unlucky, we can't figure it out?!?

Superstition Science! Damisch et al. 2010

Hot hand fallacy: Xu and Harvey 2014

The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of the Lucky Mind (Richard Wiseman)

Why are these people lucky?

It's A SIMULATION! Well at least this one is. Luck simulation science!


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