99: Raamon Newman – How to Protect Progress as a Leader through the Science of Protection
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In today’s episode, Raamon Newman shares how to protect progress as a leader through the Science of Protection.

Raamon is the co-founder / CEO of New Mavericks, a leadership development consultancy based out of Los Angeles, USA and Sydney, Australia.

Over the last 20 years Raamon, & his business partner Paolo, have been aglobally trusted Leadership Breakthrough Protection Partners to over 50 top CEOs & execs of multi-million & billion dollar revenue companies.

He’s a former top three nationally ranked track athlete, 2-time National cross country team winner, 4-time state championship winning rugby player, 10-year full-time meditating monk, Meisner trained actor & philanthropist. He graduated from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a Bachelor’s of Commerce.

While engaged in acting training in NYC during the 2007-8 global financial crisis, he realized a calling to help protect leaders’ and their progress through developing their leadership capacity and awareness to make the best decisions that protects the interests and success of everyone. This has become his passionate life purpose.

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Show Notes

★ 00:25 – Introduction to Raamon Newman
★ 04:42 – My story about what got me into protection in leadership
★ 12:28 – How protection is not defensive, but is offensive
★ 14:50 – What is protection & why is it important in general and in leadership right now?
★ 18:12 – How protection keeps CEOs against suffering from pressure
★ 21:48 – How pressure affects business and their leadership
★ 28:59 – How to subtle levels of ourself show in brain research of who uses the most of their potential
★ 30:10 – How do we achieve protection – the 4 components of the science of achievement
★ 41:38 – What are the benefits of the science of protection for leaders?

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