617 - Ryan Sickler - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura
Play • 1 hr 47 min

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WHAT? This week on YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P are still keeping their jeans high and tight through the eye infections and smashed ankles! We get a lunch update from Tom and reveal Nadav's secrets to reaching his healthy/morbidly obese weight! Did you know you could buy cookie dough by the pint?! We watch a new Fedsmoker video where he terrorizes an innocent bystander, AND we discover a guy who surgically transitioned into becoming Korean! We watch an insane video that revolts Christina and gets Tom to put his head in a trash can. Then we get into some brown talk and see a guy really frustrated with how his body doesn't completely evacuate EVERYTHING it's got.

Then, Ryan Sickler returns to Studio Jeans and joins Tom Segura! Ryan discusses an altercation with a construction worker he had, and Tom warns him to look out for wasps/waspes! They'll really get you! Ryan then talks about his brother's snake/animal phase as a kid. He was pulling all sorts of really intense pranks that absolutely no one would be down with. Sickler shares an intense story about "turfing" someone's yard as a kid and getting extremely lucky. They analyze a British cool guy being nuisance on a construction site, watch "Horrible or Hilarious" videos and clips of people flubbing Bert Kreischer's name.

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