Sprinting Is Hard, But the Payoff Is Sweet
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If you've been doing the 34-Day Reset, you're in full sprint mode right now. And it might be tough! But the beauty of the reset is that it's just 34 days, and affords you some space to reflect on whether your money is working for you and helping you achieve your goals and values.


So stick with it, finish strong, and bask in the extra money you will have saved. You're almost there!


Take the challenge:


Millennial Money
Millennial Money
Shannah Compton Game
It's Our 6th Birthday...Let's Celebrate With A Money Q&A Episode
We are 6 This month! Can you believe it? Six years ago I launched this podcast called Millennial Money, not sure of who would listen and if it would have an impact. Over 15 million downloads later you are still here along for the ride. In this episode, we’re going to celebrate a bit. I’m going to share some of my fav money tips, some personal money lessons, favorite episodes, and answer some of your listener questions along the way. Happy birthday to us! What You'll Learn * How this podcast started * What some of my favorite episodes are * A look at one of my very first episodes * Some of my fav money tips like negotiating to lower your cell phone bill * ...and so much more! Links * Budgeting Sucks, No One Has a Plan, But You Can * 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Finances * Investing Isn't Just For the Wealthy * Put Your Finances on Autopilot * Get Rid of Debt for Good * A New Way to Look At You in the New Year with David Lynch * David Lynch Yoga * Kevin Lax - Happy Birthday Episode Sponsors Make it the year you finally cross life insurance off your list, and get protection for your loved ones. Go to Policygenius.com and get started. You could save 50% or more by comparing quotes and start the new year with one less thing to worry about. Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Take your FREE in-depth hair quiz and get 15% off your first order today! Go to _prose.com/mymoney._ Get started with the MANSCAPED™ Perfect Package 3.0! Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code SHANNAH at Manscaped.com. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE Want to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to subscribe in iTunes! IT’S FREE! 👉 Sign up for my bi-weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter. Ask Shannah Have an Ask Shannah question, submit it here Get Social * Shannah on Twitter * Shannah on Instagram
47 min
The David Bach Show
The David Bach Show
David Bach
028: Becoming Unstoppable with Jamie Kern Lima
In this episode, I’m super excited to be speaking with my new friend and powerhouse entrepreneur, Jamie Kern Lima. Jamie is the co-founder of IT Cosmetics and the first female chief executive in L'Oréal’s history. She has also been featured on the Forbes list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” since 2017, and is one of the most recognizable faces on QVC TV. In her new book, Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable, she shares her unbelievable true story of building a billion dollar business from her living room. Unfortunately, society doesn’t teach us how to believe in ourselves, and that’s why Jamie’s book is vital for today’s times. If you want to find out why rejection is actually just grace in disguise and how to overcome self-doubt on your path to success, then this conversation is exactly what you need today. Also, don’t miss Jamie’s FREE 1-DAY LIVE CONFIDENCE-BUILDING VIRTUAL EVENT! - Monday February 22, 2021 @ 7AM PST | 10AM EST. In this session, here’s what we cover: * Why rejection is a good thing in business, and how to turn setbacks into lucrative partnerships. * The story of how Jamie went from a struggling waitress to launching a dream company from her living room. * How to believe in yourself, even when you feel like you’re crazy. * Why listening to your intuition can help you improve judgement. * How the power of storytelling can help you build your business. * How to create something that works for you, and turn it into a valuable product for others. * The story of how Jamie Kern Lima built the largest beauty brand in QVC history. * Why not giving up is the most genius thing you can sometimes do. * Using rejection to understand what’s missing in your business. * Tips on finding your authenticity and why you can’t fake it. Interview Resources * Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable * Join Jamie Kern Lima’s insider team * Preorder the book from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Book Depository, BAM!, or Indie Bound * FREE 1-DAY LIVE CONFIDENCE-BUILDING VIRTUAL EVENT! * Media request contact form for TV, print, and podcast interviews * About Jamie Kern Lima * Connect with Jamie Kern Lima on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn * Jamie Kern Lima on QVC * IT Cosmetics * Jamie Kern Lima on Wikipedia * David Bach on Oprah * Smart Women Finish Rich * Smart Couples Finish Rich * The 3 Minute Sunday Newsletter * Finish Rich by David Bach Company * Growthday Coaching with David Bach * The Latte Factor: Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Live Rich Get Access to More Great Content! To get access to the best financial tools, resources, and advice to help you LIVE RICH NOW, visit www.FinishRich.com Connect with David Bach * Instagram * Facebook * Twitter * YouTube
47 min
Be Wealthy & Smart
Be Wealthy & Smart
Linda P. Jones
Stock Market Correction, Meme Stocks and Liquidity
Learn what is causing the stock market correction, how long it is going to last and what the risks are. There are many underlying issues happening now. Are you investing well for financial freedom...or not? Financial freedom is a combination of money, compounding and time (my McT Formula). How well you invest, makes a huge difference to your financial future and lifestyle. If you only knew where to invest for the long-term, what a difference it would make, because the difference between investing $100k and earning 2% or 10% on your money over 30 years, is the difference between it growing to $181,136 or $1,744,940, an increase of over $1.5 million dollars. Your compounding rate, and how well you invest, matters! INTERESTED IN THE BE WEALTHY & SMART VIP EXPERIENCE? -Asset allocation model with ticker symbols and % to invest -Monthly investing webinars with Linda -Private Facebook group with daily insights -Weekly stock market commentary email -Lifetime access -US and foreign investors, no minimum $ amount required Extending the holiday offer, enjoy a 50% savings on the VIP Experience. More information is here or have a complimentary consultation with Linda to answer your questions. For an appointment to talk, click here: https://2909395.survey.fm/application-for-vip-experience PLEASE REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave a review. I love hearing from you! I so appreciate it! SUBSCRIBE TO BE WEALTHY & SMART Click Here to Subscribe Via iTunes Click Here to Subscribe Via Stitcher on an Android Device Click Here to Subscribe Via RSS Feed WEALTH HEIRESS TV Please subscribe to Wealth Heiress TV YouTube channel (it’s not just for women, it’s for men too!), here. PLEASE LEAVE A BOOK REVIEW Leave a book review on Amazon here. Get my book, “You’re Already a Wealth Heiress, Now Think and Act Like One: 6 Practical Steps to Make It a Reality Now!” Men love it too! After all, you are Wealth Heirs. :) Available for purchase on Amazon. International buyers (if you live outside of the US) get my book here. WANT MORE FROM LINDA? Check out her programs. Join her on Instagram. WEALTH LIBRARY OF PODCASTS Listen to the full wealth library of podcasts from the beginning. Use the search bar in the upper right corner of the page to search topics. TODAY'S SPONSOR I want to take a few seconds to tell you about how I “read” more books and stay ahead of the curve. It’s by not reading books, but instead listening to them – like you are right now! With Audible, there are over 150,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player and…your first audiobook is FREE! I suggest you get the audio book of Think and Grow Rich, or you can check out my website Resources page where I list all of my favorite financial books and you see exactly what books I have read and recommend you read. Then get started with Audible by visiting https://lindapjones.com/FreeBook and order your first audio book free! Get Think and Grow Rich or another book from my recommend list, and be sure to get started checking off the books you want to read with your free book from Audible! Be Wealthy & Smart,™ is a personal finance show with self-made millionaire Linda P. Jones, America’s Wealth Mentor.™ Learn simple steps that make a big difference to your financial freedom. (Some links are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you.)
11 min
Build Wealth Canada Podcast
Build Wealth Canada Podcast
Kornel Szrejber: Investor
Retired at 29: How They Did It In Canada (with 3 kids)
One of my favourite things to do on the show is to interview other early retirees, especially those in Canada to learn how they did it, and really dissect their journey to financial independence and/or early retirement. No matter where you are on your financial independence journey, I truly believe that we can all learn from others that have done it, and so I like to view what they did as a case study where we can break down their journey into actionable parts that we can apply to our own lives. There are after all many paths to financial independence, and so it’s valuable to know what those paths are so that you can pick and choose the components that are the best fit for you, and that are most aligned with your own goals. Our guest today is Réjean Venne. Réjean worked in the insurance industry for eight years before retiring at twenty-nine and becoming a full-time parent. Réjean and his wife Danielle, along with their three young children, live in Northern Ontario. They write regularly on topics related to parenting, health, mindfulness, and money. You can follow them at mindfulfamily.ca. Réjean recently published 5 Years to Freedom: A Canadian Guide to Early Retirement which documents his journey to financial independence. In this interview, he’s going to take us through his early retirement story and how you got there, along with the lessons that he’s learned along the way which you can then apply in your own life to help you retire earlier. We’ll also cover how he was able to cut $53,000 in spending annually by retiring early, and how he and his wife were able to retire so early despite having three young kids which is often perceived as very difficult, due to how expensive many believe kids are. Enjoy the episode :) Questions Asked: * Can you take us through your early retirement story and how you got there? * As someone that’s been retired for 3 years now in their early 30s, what are some of the lessons you learned that could help aspiring early retirees or those that are new to retirement? * Is there anything that surprised you after you became an early retiree? For example, were there any preconceived notions or assumptions of what you thought early retirement would be like, and then it ended up being something different? * I find you and I are pretty unique in the early retirement space in Canada as we both got to early retirement utilizing passive investments like investing in index funds, but we also used rental properties to get us there. For me, passive index investing was a better fit so that’s all I do now, but for anybody that is debating using one of them or both of them, what’s been your experience in using these different vehicles? * Knowing what you know now, if you had to start over to work your way towards financial independence and early retirement, is there anything that you’d do differently? * Are there any mistakes that you made while early retired that we could learn from? * You mentioned in your book that you don’t really budget in the traditional sense. Can you take us through how you managed your cash flows with your wife during the pre-retirement stage, and how you do it now in early retirement? * How do you structure the withdrawals from your investment portfolio (including real estate) so that they are tax-efficient? * Early retirement seems like an unattainable dream to many people, yet it’s surprising how attainable it can actually be when you crunch the numbers. One of my favourite parts of your book, was how you were able to cut $53,000 in spending annually by retiring early. Can you tell us a bit about how early retirement allows you to make such drastic cuts, and consequently how a lot of Canadians may actually be much closer to an earlier retirement than first meets the eye? * You’re also retired with three kids, and kids are often seen as this massive expense that makes early retirement nearly impossible. Can you talk about how that’s not necessarily so, especially with the Canada Child Benefit that parents are eligible for * Most of the early retirees I’ve talked to and researched built up large investment portfolios with the intention of never working again (myself included). But once they actually reached that financial independence number, they eventually ended up taking on some fun side projects that actually bring in an income. Therefore, they didn’t actually need as large of an investment portfolio as they initially thought, and if only they factored that in prior to retirement, they could have retired much earlier. Can you share your experience with this as it seems to be extremely common with early retirees, and Canadians can definitely retire much earlier if they actually include some anticipation of future side income like this in their early retirement plans. * Through my research and own experience, I found that getting that sense of fulfilment can actually be a challenge for retirees when they no longer have to work. I know in your book you said that being a dad gives you that sense of fulfilment, but is there anything else outside of parenting that you find really helps in this regard? I find this answer might particularly be helpful for those retirees who either don’t have kids, or those who have kids, but the kids are out on their own now, and so they no longer require that large time investment. * What are your goals and plans now? Especially now that the book is written. Links and Resources * Rejean’s Book: 5 Years to Freedom: A Canadian Guide to Early Retirement * Get 2.3% interest through the EQ TFSA and RRSP account. This high interest savings account is at 1.50% (up to 30x higher than other banks in Canada) * Kornel’s Passive Investing Course * Get your financial planning questions answered for free here. * Get your mortgage questions questions for free here. * Rejean’s Blog: mindfulfamily.ca If you liked the episode sign up for free to receive all new episodes as they get released, news on giveaways, and the free guide on the Top 5 Personal Finance and Productivity Tools.
1 hr 15 min
Frugal Friends Podcast
Frugal Friends Podcast
Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni
149: Frugal Meal Planning w/Ashtin Cope
Food is often our biggest area of budget busts! The solution begins with our meal planning and how we go about grocery shopping. On this episode Ashtin gives us some simple and attainable tips for how we can meal plan effectively and save money on our groceries each week. Sponsors:  Meal planning services: They are a great way to break up the meal planning monotony. And you don’t need to rely completely on using a service long term vs doing your own meal planning. Meal planning services have quarterly memberships that are the perfect way to give yourself a break when you need it or save yourself money when you don’t Free trial: They are so great right? As long as you remember to cancel before your card gets charged but even if you don’t they’re usually still very nice about refunding you when you ask. I know dis. So here’s one for you to try. EMeals. eMeals is a meal planning service we haven’t talked much about but a lot of you guys use it and love them and they have a free trial so head to https://www.frugalfriendspodcast.com/emeals to get 14 days of meal planning for free and if you decide to get a subscription your purchase will support the show at no extra cost to you. Check out these episodes for more on meal planning: Ep 16 Meal Planning and Prep Tips (https://www.frugalfriendspodcast.com/episode-16-meal-planning-and-prep/) Ep 79 The Frugal Friends Food Blog Awards (https://www.frugalfriendspodcast.com/episode-79-our-favorite-frugal-recipes-food-blogs/) Notable Notes: We enjoyed asking Ashtin all her tips: Tell us about yourself and how you got into meal planning?  Love budget lifestyle Started a blog (budget fashion, home reno, food planning) You do custom meal planning, what are some tips you’d give a client whose main goal is to reduce their spending on food? HAVE A PLAN - don’t go to grocery store blindly Do prep work before going to store Use search terms ‘budget meal ideas’ + ‘affordable week night ideas’ Narrow down ingredients you will eat during the week 2 proteins 3-4 veggies What are some of your go-to ways to reduce your food waste? Know what you most time sensitive ingredients are and use them first Organize pantry and fridge - take inventory weekly When in doubt just freeze it For those of us who don’t like cooking, what are some tips to follow through with our meal plan? Limited effort recipes Search simple, easy, fast when looking for recipes Crock-pot, sheet pan (10min meals, 1 pot dinners) How long does it take to meal plan? 20-30min to meal plan per week Monthly calendar template Routine hacks: meatless Monday, creative Wednesday, Taco Tuesday, easy Thursday, Saturday celebrate (something tasty) BILL OF THE WEEK -  Thank you Ashtin for sharing your bill about lowering your electric bill by minimizing window drafts If you want to submit your bill of the week visithttps://www.frugalfriendspodcast.com/bill to leave us a bill Sponsor: LISTENABLE - A learning platform with thousands of audio lessons created by world-class experts in communication skills, career skills, personal development, relationships, productivity, and more. Get 50% off a year of unlimited access to over 3,000 original audio lessons on Listenable by going to https://www.frugalfriendspodcast.com/listenable and use the code FRUGAL at checkout. Lightning Round Current fav freezer meal Ashtin- sweet potato black bean soup; served with cheese quesadilla (white potatoes don’t freeze as well) Jill- frozen fruit; breaded chicken cutlets Jen- jambalaya, indian food (curry, chicken tikka masala - use frozen meat in these ‘casserole’ type dishes) Get more from Ashtin at: Ashtincope.com (https:www.ashtincope.com) Wrap-Up: Thanks so much for listening! Keep leaving us reviews on iTunes or Stitcher, and sending the screenshot to frugalfriendspodcast@gmail.com (mailto:frugalfriendspodcast@gmail.com) . AND share our most recent episode on social for a chance to win a copy of the Frugal Friends Workbook! Thanks for listening! See you next week!
43 min
Yo Quiero Dinero: Personal Finance For the Modern Latina
Yo Quiero Dinero: Personal Finance For the Modern Latina
Jannese Torres-Rodriguez
76. How To Buy Back Your Freedom with FIRE | Jamila Souffrant of Journey To Launch
Jamila Souffrant is the creator and host of Journey To Launch, a blog turned podcast that she began as a way to document her journey to financial independence. Jamila was pregnant with her first son and dealing with a 3-4 hour long commute. She knew right then that she needed to figure out a way to retire early and buy back her freedom. In 2018, she found herself packing up her cubicle and heading out the door for the last time. Why? Because she had finally achieved the financial freedom she needed to leave her job and become a full-time entrepreneur. Two million downloads later, Jamila inspires listeners (known as journeyers) to eliminate debt, save more money and increase their net worth so that they can ultimately achieve Financial Freedom & Independence.  This episode is powered by BetterHelp – Professional Support When You Need It, At The Fraction Of The Cost Of In-Person Therapy. Get 10% off your first month just for Yo Quiero Dinero listeners, just use the code "dinero" at checkout! Check out these Yo Quiero Dinero Partners to accelerate your investing goals! M1 Finance –  investing, borrowing, and cash management in one easy-to-use platform. Build a portfolio of stocks and ETFs for free! Public – Join the investing social network and start trading with any amount of money, commission-free. SoFi Invest – Fund an Active Investing account with $1,000 or more, and you’ll get $50 in free stock. Fundrise – Invest in REITs & earn passive real estate income! Have your advisory fees waived for 90 days. Rocket Dollar – Invest in any asset class allowed by the IRS. Invest securely and easily in Real Estate, Startups, and more. New Street Advisors Group – a commission free, fee-only fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Committed to transparent financial planning, portfolio management and investment advisory services. Scholar Raise – Open a 529 College Savings Plan in minutes and start saving for your child’s future college education. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yoquierodinero/support
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