What Do You REALLY Want? with Jillian Bice
Play • 1 hr
The foundation for getting unstuck is first figuring out WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? This can be a really hard question to answer. Most of us have years of someone else’s beliefs or expectations programmed into us, so it’s hard to peel those away and find out what you truly want. OR, maybe you know what that is but you have that voice in your head stopping you from doing it - keeping you in the comfort zone. At Launch Success Lab, Jillian dives right into this in the very beginning, as she asks her clients: “If this was a universe where ANYTHING was possible, what would you want to do, be and have? Don’t worry about money, time, other people’s opinions. What would your life look like?” Set a BIG HUGE goal - as wild and out there as you like. Then she works to break it down to bite size goals. But, easier said than done… Jillian talks about that voice in our heads that holds us back. It’s one thing to have KNOW what you want, but it’s a whole other thing to BELIEVE you can have it. The voice in our head is our paradigm - it’s our beliefs, our habits. Paradigms drive all of our behaviour and results. The paradigm’s job is to keep us stuck in the comfort zone, even if that place isn’t good. At Launch Success Lab, Jillian teaches you how to kick out that limiting voice and replace it with one that’s on your side. One of the ways Jillian starts this process this is by helping you create a self image to get you where you want to go, then you create the MINDSET to get you there!
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