Recover and Thrive
Dr. Bob King with Co-Host Cindy Hall
This program is about regaining and maintaining health and wellness through diet, lifestyle, and faith in God. Our instruction is based on eight foundational principles of health, recovery, and wellness. The typical diet and lifestyles for the United States of America is damaging to health, and the orthodox medical system does little more than stabilize a sick body. It has been said that we eat food produced by an industry that knows nothing about medicine, and we receive medical care from an industry that cares little to nothing about food. We will discuss the state of health and disease, recovery from disease, nutrition, the role of sunshine, fresh air, exercise, proper use of water, rest, self-control and trust in God. Herbal medicine will be addressed, but I am slow to recommend and use herbs, since they do not heal the body unless the proper lifestyle changes have been made. The perspective is that of a Naturopathic Physician, not a dietician.
Recover and Thrive
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