Revelations and Wonders: Secrets to Life and Happiness
Dealing With Common and All Life Struggles
Nov 11, 2019 · 56 min
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Disappointments are far too common, frequent happenings in life. Whether it is in Love, Work, Friendship, Family, achievements or relationships in general, many people have given up completely to settle with whatever they have. Some have gone as far as blaming God or simply reaching the conclusion that it is their destiny, something that is outside of their own control. It is not uncommon to hear people saying that “life is just not fair”, "there’s no such thing as Justice in Life". Those with some sort of faith go to church and pray just to later concede that it must be God’s Will even though they were praying the same God for a different outcome. For those willing to see things differently and seeking a greater purpose in life, step out of this way of conceiving life that generates chaos and confusion. Everything is simpler than it seems as soon as you learn the Laws of Creation and how they unfold. Join me to learn simple and clear ways of dealing with common and all struggles.
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