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Special Encore Presentation: The Gift of Exoneration: Obie Anthony
Dec 25, 2014 · 58 min
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17 years in prison! Obie Anthony was convicted of a 1994 attempted robbery and the murder of Felipe Gonzales in 1995. The conviction, based on the testimony of one witness who operated a nearby house of prostitution, had a prior manslaughter conviction, and was known to carry and use firearms, was overturned in 2011. Northern California Innocence Project Legal Director, Linda Starr, said, “Police purposely ignored and hid evidence that did not support their theory…The prosecution falsely denied that they granted their star witness a deal for his cooperation and failed to correct his lies at trial. And Mr. Anthony’s own attorney failed to investigate the case. For their failures, Mr. Anthony has spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit – and the actual murderer has remained free. This cannot be considered justice” (Santa Clara Law News & Events). Tune in to hear Obie Anthony and Linda Starr tell Obie’s story of his conviction, exoneration and his release 17 years later.
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