The Future of Industry 4.0, 5.0 and Beyond
The Buzz: “85% of manufacturers consider the ‘connected workforce’…robots and humans working together being routine in manufacturing by 2020…an essential element in their business strategy” ( While a replicator à la Star Trek is speculative fiction, 3D printing is not, and the 4th Industrial Revolution is happening now. Industry 4.0 started with the concept of an Intelligent Factory. Now it’s about designing and manufacturing intelligent products and assets, and empowering employees to leverage the data to make predictive, prescriptive and automated decisions across the entire supply chain. Then what? Will automation make human employment redundant? Is the ‘Skynet’ scenario the inevitable endpoint for AI? Will cars and refrigerators spy on us or control our behaviors? Bob Parker at IDC and Tom Raftery at SAP share their vision of Industry 4.0 and offer  provocative opinions about Industry 5.0 and beyond. Join us for The Future of Industry 4.0, 5.0 and Beyond
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