UFO Insight
UFO Insight
Featuring regular podcasts from industry expert Marcus Lowth and the team at UFO Insight - your trusted UFO analysis outlet. Discussing alleged UFO sightings, reports, and case studies. Also discussed are other topics including analyzing in-depth and often debunking conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, and topics covering the paranormal and supernatural fields. Many of the podcasts we release feature interviews with well-known names and experts in these fields. Our show host Marcus Lowth is a writer and researcher who has extensively researched multiple areas of the paranormal, strange locations, unsolved mysteries, UFOs and aliens, legends and folklore, conspiracy claims, and much more for over 20 years. Marcus has published two books in both paperback and digital format and has been Editor-in-Chief for UFO Insight since 2016. Marcus also appears as an expert on many talk shows, podcasts, and recently on television.
UFO Insight
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