SWM 088 – My Vasectomy Experience
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My Vasectomy Experience. Check out the show notes here for more details and links.

Last month someone emailed me telling me just how amazing they were doing after going through our Sexploration List.  I posted some of their testimonial on social media (with permission).  You may have seen it.

During their email, they also asked some questions, which I wanted to pick up here.  Here’s the continuation of that testimonial:

But as we chuckled about 9 consecutive days of sex... we both paused...We are 42 and 43 yrs young...  Having another child is not something we feel God is prompting us to do.  We very clearly felt His timing for all 4 kids.  We do not feel any direction that way right now. And so... the V-word crossed both our lips. At the same time. Vasectomy. And I'm not sure what to do… Natural Family Planning is hard when we are keeping each other aroused daily, lol.

Your post about your surgery is 5+ years old.... any updates, additional thoughts, additional things to research?  Is there a certain "technique" we should look into (stitches vs something else I read about briefly?)  dare I ask, has it affected your faith? We are Southern Baptist raised, and raising our kiddos Baptist/ non-denominational. In other words, denomination is not a factor in this decision. But there are so many opinions out there, I’m at a loss. I know that is what they are, just opinions. At this point, if I spend time in prayer and the Lord brings me peace... I’m going to trust God to give my husband the same peace. If not, we will go another route.

As the wife, even if we are both pro-vasectomy, I just don’t know how our relationship would handle the guilt if something did go wrong…. - Lydia

There’s an old joke that goes "What do you call people who practice Natual Family Planning?" The answer is "Parents" That's how we became a family of 5 kids.

So, today I’m going to share an update about what marriage is like post-vasectomy.

Here are the links I mentioned during the podcast:

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