TMBA581: 4 Frameworks for Starting a New Business in 2021
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We've been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks talking about the "business fundamentals", or the everyday habits that we believe entrepreneurs should be practicing.

In keeping with that theme, we've decided to revisit some specific concepts that we've spoken about on this show in the past, and that we have seen at the core of so many successful entrepreneurial stories.

On today's podcast, we'll be sharing four frameworks for how to get started with a profitable business idea in 2021.

We'll be exploring each of these philosophies, as well as citing some specific examples of how each of these frameworks have been used successfully by the entrepreneurs that we have featured on this podcast in the past.

Growth Experts with Dennis Brown
Growth Experts with Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown
Facebook and Google Ad Hack that Reduces Lead Cost By Up to 10X w/ Hamlet Azarian
Hamlet Azarian is a senior growth advisor and numerical, results-driven executive who blends marketing, technical, and operational skills to deliver long-term, scalable growth for traditional, direct mail, and digital companies. Hamlet is here to discuss a Facebook and Google ad hack that he’s discovered and proven successful in reducing your per lead costs by up to 10x. Tune in to learn a hack for getting new clients after starting a business and how the growth tool he developed works. During this interview, we discuss: 2:34 – How Hamlet helps his clients + What led him to working with technical growth 4:56 – How Hamlet got his first few clients + A hack for getting clients 7:42 – The breakdown of his Facebook and Google ad hacks 13:30 – The difference between online data and offline data + How to supplement data to optimize ads 17:36 – Experimenting with open targeting 20:17 – The breakdown of his Google ad hack 20:35 – Hamlet’s favorite growth tool + How it works 23:38 – His most recommended book 24:13 – How to connect with Hamlet Plus, a whole lot more! Resources: Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown Connect with Hamlet on LinkedIn Follow him on Twitter --------------------- If you enjoyed this episode, please RATE / REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to ensure you never miss an episode. Connect with Dennis Brown LinkedIn Twitter Instagram [Free Giveaways]
25 min
The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast
The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast
Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant | eCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon FBA Experts
E366: Mike’s Exciting New Business
I’m back in the trenches! We sold one of our ecommerce brands back in 2019, and I’ve been itching to get involved in something again for quite some time. Today, I’m excited to share with you my recent experience in buying a new ecommerce company. Joining me for this episode are my good friends and business partners, Andrew Youderian and Bill D'Alessandro, whose insights are valuable to ecommerce newbies and experienced business owners alike. Andrew is the Managing Partner of ECF Capital, which is tailored to helping small e-commerce businesses grow. He also hosts the awesome eCommerce Fuel Podcast. Bill is the Founder and CEO of Elements Brands, which invests in brands with long-term potential and currently boasts a rich portfolio of consumer products companies. In this episode, we dive into how this opportunity came about and all the hurdles we overcame to finally seal the deal. We also share a bunch of funny stories that you’ll surely get a kick out of. Timestamps * How the opportunity came about - 6:56 * Why this particular business appealed to us - 9:50 * How we structured the deal - 12:56 * Why having an existing rapport with the seller helps more than you know - 19:30 * A fateful Christmas eve call - 20:11 * Why you should always leave some buffer in your closing dates - 27:59 * Some key things I did before and after closing - 30:15 * A heart-stopping Amazon account suspension - 35:37 I’m thrilled to be in business with Andrew and Bill, and I’d be happy to share more updates about this business with you guys in a year’s time. If you’re looking to grow your ecommerce business and get some long-term funding from experts in the industry, check out ECF Capital. Did you enjoy this episode? Don’t forget to help us out by leaving a review over on iTunes. Until the next one, happy selling!
42 min
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