"Free To Kill" Inside The Minds Of Serial Killers Kenneth McDuff & Ted Bundy
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Kenneth Allen McDuff ranks among the most heartless and sadistic serial killers in American history.

But what is it that creates the McDuff’s and Ted Bundy’s of this world?

I received an invaluable understanding from two former FBI profilers who were among the original founders of the Behavioral Science Unit based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. 

I met profilers John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood after they had retired from the bureau.  At that time they were not widely known outside of law enforcement circles.

Today the Netflix crime drama, Mindhunter is loosely based on John Douglas’s role in pioneering profiling at the FBI.

His fellow profiler Royal Hazelwood became the world’s leading expert on the strangest, most dangerous of all aberrant offenders, the sexual criminal.

Hazelwood is now deceased. He coauthored landmark books about the minds of sexual predators with Stephen Michaud.

Michaud is a friend and fellow investigative reporter who used to be based here in Dallas.

Stephen Michaud is the expert on Ted Bundy.  

He tape-recorded 150 hours of audio with the serial killer when Bundy was imprisoned in a Florida State Prison.  In 1983, Michaud and another giant of investigative reporting, Hugh Aynesworth wrote the book, The Only Living Witness; The True Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy.

In 2019, NetFlix premiered a four-episode docuseries based on Michaud’s tapes titled Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Michaud and I discuss what goes on inside the minds of serial killers.

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