"Free To Kill" Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff's Accomplice Confesses -- It Is A Journey Into Darkness
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The U.S. Marshals Service Task Force locates one of McDuff’s prison pals.

Every night Deputy Marshals Parnell and Mike McNamara along with U.S. federal prosecutor Bill Johnston roll through the underbelly of Central Texas rousting parolees.

Unlike the horse bound Texas's posses of the past, the Marshals drive an SUV bristling with weapons.

It's called "Big Foot".

They use a technique called "driving-them-up" to break down one of McDuff's prison pals who is also out on parole.

It pays off when the parolee admits that he was McDuff's accomplice in the abduction and murder of Colleen Reed from an Austin carwash.

You will hear the masterful confession extracted by Tim Steglich.

At that time, he was a criminal investigator for the Bell County Sheriff's Department and a crack interrogator.

Steglich extracts a confession that breaks the case wide open.

It is a blood-chilling "Journey Into Darkness."

Warning: You may have to sleep with the lights on after listening to this episode.

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Bill Johnston, the federal prosecutor featured in "Free To Kill" and Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs, the host of True Crime Reporter™ talk about criminal cases from their careers and dissect cases making news.

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