Introduction to True Crime Reporter™ Podcast – A Journey Into Darkness
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Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs created an original true crime genre podcast based on three decades of real-life stories ripped from his reporter’s notebooks.

The True Crime Reporter™  podcast tells the backstory of criminal cases using interviews with the law enforcement law officers that played key roles in the investigation.

In every episode, Riggs pulls out his reporter’s notebooks. His law enforcement sources open up their case files. And they take listeners on a journey into darkness.

Riggs set out to create serialized immersive content that is character-driven. He brings the true crime audience into the story with characters that they care about so much that they want to binge-listen.

His stories strive to create a connection between true crime fans. The next phase of the production is to roll out a True Crime Reporter® Fandom where the community contributes to solving cold cases and organizes digital neighborhood watches.

True Crime Reporter™ features stories that are compelling to provide a new source of scripts for Hollywood screenwriters.

During his journalism career, Riggs never settled for standing outside the yellow crime scene tape. He went inside by knocking on doors, digging through records, and cultivating sources to get to the bottom of the story.

He is a recipient of television’s prestigious Peabody Award for investigative reporting and three coveted Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Journalism Awards for Investigative Reporting.

The American Bar Association honored Riggs with its Silver Gavel Award for his investigation of corruption in Texas’ parole and prison systems.  The Dallas Crime Commission in conjunction with the FBI awarded Riggs its first-ever “Excellence In Reporting Award” for his investigation of teenage heroin deaths in Plano, Texas and a landmark series on identity theft.

Riggs was appointed Chief Investigator for the Joint Committee on Defense Production by the late Congressman Wright Patman during the Watergate scandal.  Patman as Chairman of the House Banking Committee launched the first Watergate investigation. Riggs held a Top Secret Security clearance from the Department of Defense.

True crime stories reach into our consciousness and make us want to know how and why it happens.

The 5,300-year-old frozen skeleton named the Ice Man found in a European glacier was murdered by an arrowhead.  It seems plausible not only that murder has ancient roots in human history but also that fascination with murder does as well.

The public appetite for true crime dates back to the British daily newspaper, The Daily Courant, a single-sheet news flyer that debuted in 1702. It spawned the lurid “True Detective’ magazines. The Victorian Age spun out the “penny dreadfuls”.

Now the True Crime Reporter podcast takes listeners on a journey into darkness featuring interviews with prosecutors, investigators, victims, and ex-cons directly involved in the case.


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Bill Johnston, the federal prosecutor featured in "Free To Kill" and Investigative Reporter Robert Riggs, the host of True Crime Reporter™ talk about criminal cases from their careers and dissect cases making news.

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