Jailhouse Romances: Why Do Women Fall In Love With Serial Killers
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Can you imagine yourself falling in love with a serial killer or murderer to the point you will give up your family, career, and even your life for them?

A veteran Alabama jail officer, Vicky White did just that in April of 2022 when she staged a getaway with a capital murder suspect.

The 56-year-old White had an unblemished record.  She was on her last day of work before retirement. Her colleagues had just voted her Corrections Employee of the Year for a fifth time before she went on the run.

At first, the Lauderdale County Sheriff in Florence, Alabama, thought White had been kidnapped when she disappeared with a 36-year Casey White, no relation.

But White had been involved in a two-year-long jailhouse romance with a career violent criminal named Casey White, no relation to her. 

He certainly didn’t have fashion model looks. 

Casey White, a 300-pound, muscular, burr-headed 6 foot 9 heavily tattooed inmate, was already serving a 75-year prison sentence for murder and other charges from a terrifying rampage.  

He had a large image of a Confederate flag tattooed on his back with the words Southern Pride connected by a chain to the image of a pit bulldog. 

It signified his membership in a white racist prison gang called the Southern Brotherhood according to the U.S.Marshals Service.

The tattooed sleeve covering his right arm featured large SS symbols favored by neo-Nazi gangs

Casey White was awaiting trial for stabbing 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway to death in her apartment. It had been a cold case for five years until White suddenly confessed in a letter to investigators. 

He later pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease and was awaiting trial in the Lauderdale County Jail.  But was his confession a ploy to get back to the jail to see Vicky White, its supervisor? 

Casey White called the jailer his wife and she visited his son and grandson according to the convicted felon’s mother. Even gave them Christmas presents. 

Vicky White gave a phony cover story when she took the capital murder suspect out of jail claiming it was for a mental health examination.

A week earlier she sold her house for 95-thousand dollars, far below market value, sold her car, and applied for retirement. She also bought an AR-15 rifle, a shotgun, men’s clothes, and sex toys. 

Vicky White had been making dry runs for the escape out of the jail with Casey White handcuffed and wearing a jail-issued jumpsuit in the backseat of her patrol car. 

The couple’s getaway came to a deadly end in Indiana when U.S. Marshals rammed their Cadillac during a high-speed chase. 

Marshals pulled Vicky White out of the wreckage still gripping the handgun that she used to kill herself. 

So what could she have possibly seen in a violent felon to throw her life away?

Investigative reporter Robert Riggs searches for answers in this episode of the True Crime Reporter® Podcast.

He interviews John Moriarty, the former Inspector General of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

You may recall from our earlier episodes about serial killer Kenneth McDuff that Moriarty was an undercover prison investigator who played a major role in catching McDuff.

The tough-talking transplanted Irish cop from New York also tricked McDuff into revealing the location of the body of one of his victims before he was executed.

Moriarty is also featured in the opening of the promo about our five-part documentary news series about McDuff titled Freed To Kill on Fox Nation Streaming.

The stories of women and men falling in love with killers may sound like pulp fiction but it is all too common inside jails and prisons.

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