She Butchered Her Sons and Took A Nap. A Case of Freed To Kill.
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For many years Texas had a law and order image. 

Politicians campaigned for office about getting tough on crime.

A gubernatorial candidate’s TV ads featured actors wearing black and white overalls swinging sledgehammers in the prison yard. His voice-over pledged to teach youthful criminals “the joy of busing rocks.”

In fact, Texas ran a revolving door prison system.  

Lawmakers passed tougher laws but refused to spend money to build prisons to hold more convicted criminals.

The public did not know about this until I exposed how serial killer Kenneth McDuff was released on parole with hundreds more violent offenders. 

You can learn more about McDuff by listening to our recent episode titled The Broomstick Killer or you can watch our Freed To Kill streaming television documentary on Fox Nation.

The episode you are about to hear illustrates how Texas turned loose monsters. And I mean monsters.

I warn you it is a graphic story about a mother who dismembered her two boys and later walked out of that revolving door.

This episode is another example of how the stories on the True Crime Reporter® Podcast are stranger than fiction.

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