Threshold Stories
Jeff Gaura
We all have unique thresholds. When we get close to our threshold, self-control and success seem both foreign and subjective, we take a defensive posture. We hesitate when we apply for the VP position at work; we hold off on hitting the registration button for our first marathon; we settle and exchange adventure for safety. And, we take our Thresholds to the grave, unless someone or some event in time challenges our desire to exist in a safe and comfortable place. We die with cash in the bank and unfulfilled dreams in the closets of our hearts. My podcast series will give others a chance to tell their stories. You will hear from nearly all walks of modern life. Athletes, businessmen, musicians, prayer warriors, mountain climbers, marketers, and immigrants will get studio time and have a place to tell their stories. So pick your venue and do something epic with the ones you love. My weapon of choice happens to have 2 wheels and is propelled by glycogen. You might not get to do it tomorrow.
Threshold Stories
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