The Rich Outdoors
The Rich Outdoors
Oct 23, 2020
EP 477: Managing Expectation and Making Game Time Audibles
1 hr 3 min

In today’s podcast young Jaden and I catch up on some recent hunts including my “deer” hunt that yielded one of the better rifle elk trips we have been on in years. We also chat about Jaden letting “The year of the deer” get to his head, and how to manage exceptions better while also keeping the “how its done” at the forefront of mind.

2020 definitely seems to have more hunters in the woods than other years, at least in places Jaden and I have hunted. With this we talk about how to use this to your advantage or at a minimum not let it get your head. Our recent rifle hunt was a great example of using pressure to your advantage. As Jaden preps for Colorado 3rd Deer coming up, this should be a great reminder to stick with your game plan and not get flustered by other hunters.

Show Notes: 
Intro – 03:27
Jaden’s Season So Far – 08:18
Outcomes & Acceptance – 22:25
Cody’s Idaho Elk Hunt – 27:39
Social Media Influencers – 39:47
Lessons Learned from 2020 Season – 51:31
Jaden’s Upcoming CO Hunt – 58:22

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Treeline Academy and the E-Scouting MasterClass. If you have listened to the podcast very long at all you have likely heard Mark Livesay and I talking E-Scouting. Those podcasts barely scratch the surface of what is in this masterclass. I am a huge fan of this, E-scouting is probably the single most important skill in my opinion to being a successful hunter. If you aren’t in elk you can’t hunt elk and if you can’t get away people you aren’t going to have much fun. Tags are getting harder and hard to get invest the knowledge to capitalize on those hunts. I can’t say it enough this masterclass will blow your mind and put you at a different level. If you weren’t into elk this year do yourself a favor and start planning now, this masterclass will take you weeks if not months to get through and that much time again to put into practice, it is just that comprehensive. Put in the work now and make yourself a better hunter. This class will 100% make you a 201 hunter if you put it to practice I whole heartedly believe that. Use code TRO and save yourself $20 which gives you access to the course for two full years. If you sign up now you will also get a couple extra month free because your clock won’t start until Jan 1. Head over to and sign up for the E-Scouting masterclass, its going to blow your mind.
Hunting Season is here and you don’t have On X downloaded on your phone you are living under a rock. On X Maps is the number one hunt mapping system out there. One of the cool features I use constantly throughout season is sharing waypoints and areas with hunting buddies. From glassing locations to camp pins this feature gets used often. I will even use the area shape tool to highlight areas then send that to say hey this hillside should have a good buck or bull on it. On X recently launched their new 3D mapping which is still in beta and only on the desktop but this allows you to really see glassing points hillsides and overall terrain features in an area. Good luck out there this year and remember to download any maps you may need before hitting the hills and you will have access to all of your saved e-scouting plans.
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, Leroy Chavez
EP 97: Guided Elk Hunt or DIY? Pros & Cons
*Guided or DIY elk hunts? A question we have been getting a lot these days.* Many hunters planning their upcoming hunts, especially first timers, are weighing whether they should hunt DIY or consider hiring a guide: "What strengths does a guide bring to a hunt that I couldn't?" "Would I learn more from a guide?" "Will I have more success?" "Can I afford it?" "Can I get a guide on public land?" "What do you recommend?" *On Today’s Edition of Blue Collar Elk Hunting,* your elk hunting coaches talk the pros & cons of guided vs DIY elk hunts. Included in the discussion is how not all guided or "do it yourself" hunts look alike and the variables that can bring the two closer in some ways as well as put them on the opposite ends of the scale in others.  It's a great topic and one where your coaches have plenty of experience on both sides of the fence. Hope you enjoy the episode.  EVERYTHING ElkBros – PURCHASE ElkBros Merch - BLUE COLLAR ELK HUNTING ACADEMY  - Watch the Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast: Listen to their Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast:  *SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!* *WANT TO SUPPORT the ElkBros Programming?? -* *FOLLOW THE ElkBros*… Joe Giglia - @elkbros Leroy ‘Chav’ Chavez - @elkbroschav Gilbert Ornelas (Big O) - @go_outdoors_txnm  The Venezuelan Mafia: Luis Gonzalez - @onlyhunters  Manano Grateron - @manuelgrateron *Contact Us:* Support the show (
1 hr 36 min
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Sportsmen's Nation
Stories From The Season: Why Pack Burros Are Awesome with Shane Weigand
This week on the Stories From The Season Series Chad talks to Shane Weigand. We change things up a bit this week and talk about hunting with pack animals, burros more specifically. Shane uses two burros when he hunts and this year he was stuck in a sticky situation when the New Mexico weather took a nasty turn on them mid hunt. Shane talks about handling and caring for the burros as well as how useful they are. We cover a lot of topics on this show, but it doesn’t stop at hunting. Shane is also a pack burro racer. Yep I said racer. He explains the origins of pack burro racing and how he got involved with the sport. It sounds super fun to me. I may have to borrow a burro for a run someday. You will enjoy this show Stories From The Season was created as a way for us to let our friends share their hunting stories. I love to listen to great hunting stories to get an idea of the experience, but I think there is a lot of great opportunities to learn for other success or failure. When you hear a person talk about a stalk or how they achieved success you can apply the same techniques to your hunting strategies. Enjoy the Series! Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation Race Schedule Youtube: NEW MEXICO PACK BURROS Instagram - @nmpackburros Website - Buy your burro gear here - @backcountryburro BACKCOUNTRY ROOKIES Website - Instagram - @backcountryrookies Facebook - Backcountry Rookies Group - Backcountry Rookies Nation Elk101 University of Elk Hunting Save 20% by using the code ROOKIES Vortex Optics Use the code ROOKIES and save 20% on apparel at the Vortex Optics Website goHUNT Insider Have you seen the new 3D Map software from goHUNT? They have changed the map and e-scouting game with their new system. The maps come free with an Insider membership. Receive a $50 Credit to the goHUNT Gear Shop when you purchase the Insider Program and use the code ROOKIES Backcountry Rookies is Powered by Simplecast
1 hr 9 min
Hunt Harvest Health
Hunt Harvest Health
Ryan Lampers and Dr. Hillary Lampers
#128: Marriage, Men, and Loving Our Differences with Johnathan West
Today's podcast is with our friend Johnathan West from the Being Husband Podcast. To listen and learn more about Johnathan you can find him on IG. This is a good one! Watch and share the recent film about the New Zealand Tahr "A Difficult Treasure" We are challenging our community to donate as little as 5$ to help send children and their parents to A RaiseEm Outdoors Camp in 2021! Get 10% off your first order- StHealthy Nutrition CBD! To download your FREE StHealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide go here! Order your StHealthy Rifle Case NOW! Support our podcast and get 10% off a Burch Barrel! Use the code GRITTY at checkout! Made with Meat is our favorite food processing equipment! Check them out! 15% OFF Heather's Choice Backcountry Food - Visit our website at and then use the code STHEALTHY  15% OFF Off Grid Food Co Food - Visit and use code STHEALTHY for all breakfasts, snacks, and memberships 10% OFF Sheep Feet Orthotics - Visit and use code STHEALTHY10 10% OFF Lono Life Bone Broth - Visit and use code STHEALTHY10 To schedule with Dr. Hillary visit her Montana clinic, Elevate Health. Telemedicine is currently available for all WA and MT patients for FOC, other states we must see you in person for your first visit. After that much can be done with telemedicine.
2 hr 13 min
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