The Rich Outdoors
The Rich Outdoors
Oct 15, 2020
EP 476: Buying a Business vs Starting from Scratch with Codie Sanchez
57 min

Welcome to another great episode of the podcast. I while back I started doing some entrepreneur podcast and since then we have gotten tons of great feedback saying you like this type of content. I hope to bring you a lot more and really show you how to become your own boss and hunt as much as you want, or at least more than you currently do. Today I am Joined by Codie Sanchez who is a total boss and someone I definitely look up to on the entrepreneur side. Codie plays at a level I can only aspire to get to and in this podcast we dive into something she is very much an expert in, and that is acquisitions.

It is common to think, “what business could I start” when thinking about becoming your own boss. I know that was always my thought. Today Codie shares with us some reasons to consider buying an existing business. There are are definitely compelling reasons to go this route and as someone who has started multiple companies from scratch I would highly consider this option now days. This podcast is packed with great tidbits to consider and hopefully sparks some of your own ideas.

I highly, highly recommend joining Codie’s newsletter Contrarian Thinking. Also if you are interested in buying a business check out her course How to Buy a Business. Codie is giving our audience a 25% off that course if you use the “TRO” code.

Show Notes: 
Intro – About Codie Sanchez 04:48
Risk in Our Current Times & Testing 11:24
Personal Branding & Social Media 20:03
Transitioning & Change 36:41
Benefits of Buying vs Building 44:40
Where to Start: Codie’s Course 54:10

This podcast is brought to you by Argali. Argali makes lightweight gear that cuts your pack weight without sacrificing function whatsoever. Argali gear is made by backcountry hunters who know what they are talking about. The founder Brad Brooks who has actually been on the podcast multiple times is hardcore backcountry hunter and entrepreneur. I have been running the Argali Game bags for going on 3 years now and love them. Argali game bags are some of the best lightweight reusable bags out there. Like I said I am on my third year and a pile of pack-outs now with zero issues or tears in any of them. Argali also makes an amazing backcountry knife that is ridiculously light at 1.8 ounces and feels like a real knife. The Argali Carbon knife is made of s35VN steel which is considered super steel, this allows you to have a knife that can process an entire animal without having to resharpen your knife in the field.
If you want to cut weight and upgrade your kill kit check out Argali. Use the TRO code and save yourself 10% or entire order. SHOP NOW!
Hunting Season is here and if you don’t have On X Hunt App downloaded on your phone, you are living under a rock. On X Maps is the number one hunt mapping system out there. One of the cool features I use constantly throughout season is sharing waypoints and areas with hunting buddies. From glassing locations to camp pins this feature gets used often. I will even use the area shape tool to highlight areas then send that to say hey this hillside should have a good buck or bull on it. On X recently launched their new 3D mapping which is still in beta and only on the desktop but this allows you to really see glassing points hillsides and overall terrain features in an area.
Good luck out there this year and remember to download any maps you may need before hitting the hills and you will have access to all of your saved e-scouting plans.
Big Game Hunting Podcast
Big Game Hunting Podcast
John McAdams
118: Happy Thanksgiving (Plus A Special Announcement)
Article Referenced In Show: 101 Best Gifts For Hunters and Best 22LR Ammo For Hunting, Plinking, Target Shooting & More Show Notes: Show Sponsor: Go to to learn everything you need to know in order to get started hunting with a muzzleloader, plus get EXCLUSIVE discounts on muzzleloader gear through What We Covered 1) What I'm thankful for this year. 2) Why you should check out Episode 61 (available here). 3) Why you should consider hunting with a muzzleloader. 4) Why you should check out the Muzzleloaders 101 course. Show Sponsor If you want more information to help you take your muzzleloader hunting game to the next level, then you NEED to checkout There, you’ll learn the details of my 5 Step Insider's Muzzleloader Hunting Framework. This framework contains all the information you need to know in order to get started hunting with a muzzleloader and will help you make an informed decision on exactly which muzzleloader equipment you should use for your particular hunt. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook community where you can get regular access to other experienced muzzleloader hunters where you can ask questions, get feedback and help, and receive support as you move forward in your muzzleloader hunting journey. And to top it all off, members receive EXCLUSIVE discounts on muzzleloader equipment from In fact, you get so much useful stuff from joining the community that I’m practically giving it all way considering what I’m charging for it. Head on over to and sign up.
9 min
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Sportsmen's Nation
Stories From The Season - The Mediocre Alaskan with Jeff Lund
This week on the Stories From The Season Series Chad talks to Jeff Lund, host of The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast. Jeff came down to the lower 48 from Alaska to hunt Mule deer with his fiancé in Wyoming this year and this Stories From the Season show is all about their hunt. They spent several days looking for deer and moving to new spots until the both connected with great mule deer on the last day. It’s a great story and Jeff tells it well. Enjoy the show! Stories From The Season was created as a way for us to let our friends share their hunting stories. I love to listen to great hunting stories to get an idea of the experience, but I think there is a lot of great opportunities to learn for other success or failure. When you hear a person talk about a stalk or how they achieved success you can apply the same techniques to your hunting strategies. Enjoy the Series! JEFF LUND Instagram – @the_mediocre_alaskan Website – BACKCOUNTRY ROOKIES Website - Instagram - @backcountryrookies Facebook - Backcountry Rookies Group - Backcountry Rookies Nation Elk101 University of Elk Hunting Save 20% by using the code ROOKIES Vortex Optics Use the code ROOKIES and save 20% on apparel at the Vortex Optics Website goHUNT Insider Have you seen the new 3D Map software from goHUNT? They have changed the map and e-scouting game with their new system. The maps come free with an Insider membership. Receive a $50 Credit to the goHUNT Gear Shop when you purchase the Insider Program and use the code ROOKIES Backcountry Rookies is Powered by Simplecast
53 min
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