The Pinball Show Midweek Edition Ep 19: deeproot Chat w/ Chris Chandler
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The Pinball Show Midweek Edition Episode 19: deeproot Chat w/ Chris Chandler


Host: Craig Bobbie

Special Guest: TPN deeproot Correspondent Chris Chandler



Woodshop Life Podcast
Woodshop Life Podcast
Woodshop Life Podcast
Episode 63 - Warped Plywood, Mistakes As You Grow, 10" vs 12" Blades, & MUCH More!
Support us on Patreon: Guy 1) Hi guys, huge fan of the podcast. I just have a question regarding sheet goods. I haven’t listened to every episode yet so I apologize if this was already covered. When I make cabinet carcasses I generally use some sort of store bought veneered plywood. I find it difficult finding plywood that is close to flat. It’s not as much of an issue when I break it down into smaller pieces, but when I make a larger cabinet it is very difficult to get square bc the plywood rarely straight. I put a face frame on it which Is square for the cabinets door/drawers, but often the carcass itself still has a bit of a visible curve in the panels. Any advice on his help improve this? -Timber Tables 2) Hey guys, love the show and appreciate how much you cover, unlike those other woodworking Podcasts 🙄. My question is about edge banding. Fastcap has a peel and stick edge banding (Fastedge). It’s obviously easier to apply than the iron-on banding, but is it as durable? Are there any downsides to this vs traditional edge banding?Thanks,ShannonNashville, TN Sean 1) Is there anything you look at differently when you buy slabs to make into boards vs just buying actual boards? I have a saw mill somewhat close that I have actually gotten good prices on slabs. I don't use live edges and cut them off. Thanks, Ryan 2) I thought of a good question that might help some of us beginning woodworkers: I know that everyone makes mistakes (except Guy), but what kinds of mistakes do you see yourself making fewer and fewer of as you became seasoned pros? In other words, are there certain kinds of mistakes that you should find yourself growing out of as you develop as a woodworker? -Adam Huy 1) Hello again! So I am going to be moving my shop to a new garage and I wanted to upgrade the flooring before I move my stuff in. It currently has a basic concrete floor with quite a few cracks. I was considering either using polyurea or epoxy, but wanted to get your insight and see what you guys currently use and also what you would upgrade to if you had the chance? Garage dog Woodworks 2) Hey guys! Thanks for the great podcast. I had a question about table-saw blade sizes. What are the pros and cons of 10 and 12 inch table saws? Is one better than the other? And if you could do it all over again would you choose a 12 inch saw as I know you all have 10 inch saws. -Jeff
57 min
We Built A Thing
We Built A Thing
079 - ATV On A Frozen Lake & Lawn Ornament Vandalism
In this one, Bruce is up in Minnesota visiting Mark. Mark is preparing for his massive laser arrival. Drew is troubleshooting his new CNC router and making some of the first cuts. Become a patron of the show to receive awesome rewards! Help us grow our audience by sharing the show on Instagram and tagging @webuiltathing! OUR TOP PATREON SUPPORTERS: -YouCanMakeThisToo -JK Canvas -Jennie and Davis -Tom's Woodwork -Chiseled Woodworking -Tim Morrill -Brent Jarvis -Dad It Yourself DIY -Broken Lead Woodworks -Chris Powell -Christopher Simonton -Maddux Woodworks -Ray Jolliff -Firewood Designs -Ryder Clark -James Attaway New: -Blue Grain We Built A Thing T-shirts! We have two designs to choose from! (You can get one of these as a reward at certain levels of support) Bruce's most recent videos: Drew's most recent video: Mark's most recent video: We are all makers, full-time dads and all have YouTube channels we are trying to grow and share information with others. Throughout this podcast, we talk about making things, making videos to share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc...and all of the life that happens in between. CONNECT WITH US: WE BUILT A THING: WE BUILT A THING EMAIL: FISHER'S SHOP: BRUDADDY: GUNFLINT DESIGNS: Music by: Jay Fisher (Thanks, Jay!)
1 hr 11 min
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 46: Printed Mahogany Gooch Wood
Episode 46 - Dan is working on the teak floor, and he is working on a coffee bar as well as the giant ridiculous bookcase. Pete had a rough week. Worked in NYC a few days so it threw off his flow, he finally got his new bandsaw and 3D printers, and upgraded a few other small tools around the shop. He also got a storage unit to clean up the shop of some things that are not being used in this shop. Mike’s had a rough week too. He’s been working on some CNC boxes, quoting a bunch of jobs and prepping for all the large projects coming up. He’s also cutting out some conversion charts and he released a video! Sponsor: Bear Hollow Sign up for Patreon for Early access, and special Patreon-only content: Voicemails: Adam Barnet Barnett Custom Woodworks I use the CA glue and masting tape trick for the CNC. And I use a lot of masking tape, but everyone is using blue tape, is there a difference? I have been working really hard on IG to grow and I don't seem to be growing. Any tips? Adrienne Hickory Homestead Creations  I got some Purple Heart in, I hear it burns a lot. Thoughts? Jake Miller ASI Shop Life Shop Projects. How do you guys plan out your time for shop projects in that schedule? Brett Willis  I’m curious if you guys could tell me a bit about your etsy store experience. Maybe some tips and tricks? Chad Hibbs Letting people use your tools. How do you guys feel about people using your tools when you are not there? Moses Cho Chosen Craft Co If you guys had a major injury, what is your favorite? If you couldn’t do woodworking, what would you do? Josh The Dad Joshthedad1 How do you recommend sharpening chisels?  Matt Morgan Garden State Woodshop What do you guys do with your sawdust when the bag is full? Tyler  Wooden Whiskers company Looking to buy my first spray system. Thoughts? Ben Willow Wood Design Co Where do you see woodworking the next 10 years?  Other Material: Bidwell wood company COFFEY10 Sharpening video: Giveaway: (Email to: 10 inch Sawstop Break Cartridge  Sponsored by MacBeath Hardwood Winners: Ben Miller 24 inch JET Parallel Clamps You can leave us a voice message at (754) 225-5297 or you can record your question or comment on your phones voice memo app and email it to You can follow us all and the podcast on Instagram and YouTube! Podcast: Dan: Mike: Pete: Support the show ( Support the show (
1 hr 31 min
Snæbjörn talar við fólk
Snæbjörn talar við fólk
#0036 Magnús Ver
S01E36 – Magnús Ver er ferfaldur sterkasti maður heims og vann titilinn þrjú ár í röð. Hann er sveitastrákur sem vissi alltaf að hann væri sterkur og skaut upp á stjörnuhimininn á ógnarhraða. Hann er alinn upp fyrir austan og þekkir vel til bústarfa upp á gamla mátann. Magnús borðar hafragraut á morgnana og er ennþá sterkur þrátt fyrir að skrokkurinn sé farinn að finna fyrir átökum liðinna ára. Í seinni tíð hefur hann starfað sem dómari og skipuleggjandi stórra aflraunamóta á heimsvísu og er afar virtur, bæði sem slíkur en einnig sem goðsögn í lifanda lífi. Framtíðin virðist heldur ekki ætla að verða róleg því líkt og fram kemur í spjallinu er hann með margt á prjónunum hér heima og utan. Það rann smátt og smátt upp fyrir mér eftir því sem leið á spjallið þvílík goðsögn hann er í raun og veru, svo stór að við Íslendingar gerum okkur hreinlega ekki grein fyrir því. Hann er rosalegur. Rooosalegur. Gott spjall. – Reykjavík Roasters býður upp á STVF. Á könnunni er El Volcan: – FlyOver Iceland býður upp á STVF. Fáið 20% afslátt með kóðanum HLJÓÐKIRKJAN á – gildir ekki með pakkadílum og öðrum afsláttartilboðum – Hljóðkirkjan býður upp á 6 þætti í viku. Dómsdagur á mánudögum, Kokkaflakk á þriðjudögum, Draugar fortíðar á miðvikudögum, Snæbjörn talar við fólk á fimmtudögum, Besta platan á föstudögum og Nei hættu nú alveg - Spurningaleikur Villa naglbíts líka á föstudögum.
3 hr 27 min
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