The Only Way of Life
The Only Way of Life
Asalamu'alaikum - Peace be With You... We are living in trying times. We are all looking for answers and guidance. No matter where we are from, no matter what we look like, no matter our creed, we are all collectively struggling to find footing in a world that is seeing unprecedented change and rapid growth. We all seek balance, comfort, and happiness, but inherit discomfort, confusion, and sadness. The idea of “The Only Way of Life” came about to give a divine perspective to the issues and questions that we all face. There is another choice. Islam presents a model of guidance and a road to contentment. The message of the Prophets (peace be upon them all) and the Qur’an are timeless and are as relevant today as they ever were. After all, this is the Faith that brought the Believers out of the darkness into the light; making kings out of paupers and bringing tyrants to their knees. Don’t you want to know how it could change your existence as well? Listen to The Only Way of Life Podcast today and find what you are seeking! Here, we will present an array of topics by different speakers from all walks of life. They will not only begin to open the mind to new possibilities, but also provide answers to those pressing issues. We are grateful for your presence. Let us begin.
The Only Way of Life
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