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Clif High | Web Bot Predictions: Antarctica, Bitcoin, & Woo
Jun 15, 2017 · 1 hr 8 min
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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Web Bot predictions, Antarctica, Bitcoin, and the World of Woo with guest, Clif High. With the powerful elite controlling almost every aspect of the entertainment & news media we consume, manipulating the mainstream, and carefully crafting the minds of our youth, it can take some serious off-roading in order to explore the more mysterious places on the proverbial conspiracy map. Fortunately, today's guest, Clif High, is an expert in navigating the unknown and he joins The Higherside to discuss his cutting edge technology known as the Web Bot Project. It's a set of algorithms used to process variations in the language that can offer insight into the mood of the collective unconscious through "predictive linguistics." 2:10 Beginning at the starting line, Clif elaborates on the webbot and it's mechanisms. As High explains, humans posses a psychic intuition that either consciously or subconsciously is susceptible to signals throughout the universe and is manifested in our language which is then examined through his decoding software. He also goes on to display his webbot's accuracy by naming various events he was able to  forecast, including 9/11, 2003's power outage, the Costa Concordia disaster, and upcoming swings in the cryptocurrency markets. 8:42 For quite some time, we have all heard the Chicken Little cry's from conspiracy scholars about the metaphorical sky falling, the failure of The Fed, and the collapse of the economy, so it is easy to see how a healthy dose of skepticism may be a necessary tool to wade through constant flood of conjecture. Clif explains the downward spiral we have been on for decades, with our 30 year progression toward zero percent interest rates, leading to the end of government sponsored social programs, the decline of the dollar, the crash of the housing market, and the nullification of assets such as student loans. He also addresses possible solutions for people seeking to protect their investment. 15:54 Clif describes a few features of cryptocurrencies that can be beneficial to consider when studying the markets. He also details the structure and uses for a few cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 24:25 Greg and Clif try to fill in the blanks surrounding the mysterious trips recently taken by high profile public figures to Antarctica. They also discuss the mining, minerals,  fuel resources, and motives of companies such as Boeing and SAIC. 37:45 Clif gives his non-traditional take on where we find ourselves in the universe, our galactic model, our Earth's shape, and the mysteries of the Moon. Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week's included: - UFO activity, the Secret Space Program, and the extent of our military's knowledge and involvement - the recent increase in UFO sightings and cryptids and how to interprets this activity - CERN - the "woo woo" things that have Clif most intrigued - the collapse of the system, the skills needed to stay ahead of the game, and what to expect - Clif's views on psychic ability and time - cryptocurrency's role in the future economy - the Mandela Effect - Clif's take on a Trump impeachment, Washington pedophilia networks, cannibalism and life-extending blood transfusions - types and classes of alien races - free energy technologies of the deep state reaching the masses - the recent censorship of conspiracy on the internet A few valuable resources from the interview:   US Department of Interior Geological Survey "Mineral Resources of Antarctica": Viktor Schauberger: "The Keely Motor- How It Works": Corey Goode:   Want more Clif High?  
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