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Crrow777 | Censorship, Solar Lies, Hidden Lands, & The Big Construct
Jan 7, 2018 · 1 hr 23 min
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On today's episode of The Higherside Chats, old friend Crrow777 joins Greg Carlwood to talk censorship, solar lies, & everything wrong with the Big Construct. We live in a time where people are questions all aspects of reality, from the narratives we see on the nightly news to the sun, moon, stars and the Earthly environment itself. How can we not when we know the school system we're forced into was crafted with deception rather than a true attempt to cultivate the best and brightest. We know think tanks and backdoor cabals have steered our culture to their liking for years, we've heard thousands of accounts of strange objects in the skies but have been stonewalled when it comes to answers, and we don't even know how to feed or take care of ourselves on the most basic of levels. It seems all we can do is observe the holes in the official story while the world around us drinks the proverbial Kool-aid of our consensus reality cult, because it's clear nearly every aspect of time and space has been twisted for control. But lucky for us we have a light in the darkness with his cameras aimed at the sky, a man working to peel the onion of lies down to it's very core. He's been here plenty of times before making the shortlist of gusts who's appearances exceed what I can count on one hand, the Pappa Bear of the Lunar Wave. My friend and yours. Breaking in the new year, Crrow welcome back to the Higherside. 00:1:40 Crrow details the censorship issues he's been having, expecially on YouTube. Crrow then expands on the unfortunate direction online censorship tends to be trending, in an era of what he refers to as 'a modern day book burning.” 00:14:31 The conversation turns to the skywatching Crrow has done in the past year, how his thoughts about our construct have evolved since his last time on THC, and what last year's major solar eclipse seemed to reveal. 00:42:02 Greg brings up Crrows comment from last year that it's “too early to form a better map of our construct,” and asks if any progress has been made in that area since their last conversation. Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included: -Is the stage being set for a mock alien invasion? -If all the things Crrow has filmed in the sky could be chaulked up to human technology, what about the tens of thousands of entity experiencers? Is there some non-human element to our environment? -Spielberg, demons, and aliens -the vast manipulation of time -alchemy, nature, and magic -What does Crrow this society looks like in 10-20 years? -Admiralty law & the straw man corporation and how to track it -Bitcoin: the human bait Want more Crrow777? Check out his website where you can find his podcast, Crrow777 Radio: Want to hear more THC? Become a plus member and gain access to the additional hour as well as the THC forums at: If you want to stay connected to The Higherside Chats, join us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Reddit: Review us on iTunes: And be sure to check out The Higherside Clothing:
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