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Neil Sanders | Our Data-Driven World, Sex Crimes, & The Manson Murders Cover-Up
Dec 16, 2017 · 1 hr 11 min
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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks our data-drive world, sex crimes, and the Manson Murders cover-up with returning guest, Neil Sanders. There are a handful of crimes that have captivated the attention of the American public, and there is no denying, the 1969 Manson "family" murders are certainly one of them. Ingrained in the collective subconscious decades later, the unusual circumstances surrounding these events have piqued the interest of researchers, including today's guest, Neil Sanders. As an author of books such as "Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own" Sanders has studied the use of mind control, mass manipulation and perception management carried out by alphabet agencies and inflicted upon the public through marketing, movies, and music. His latest book, "Now's The Only Thing That Is Real", is a re-examination of the Manson murders, myths and motives, and today he joins The Higherside to discuss about some of the key components in America's most heinous murder spree. 3:00 Making his first appearance on THC about 3 years ago, Neil starts things off by giving his perspective on the state of affairs today. Greg and Sanders discuss the prominent influence on the internet from the sophisticated, weaponizezd, disinformation campaigns emanating from sources such as Neon Nettle and RT, to the propaganda and manipulation techniques proliferating online. They revisit notorious pedophile, Jeffery Epstein, his connection to Trump, Mar-A-Lago, and the Clintons, and follow the breadcrumbs from Trump to Marc Collins-Rector, Brock Pierce and Steve Bannon. 10:00 As "whataboutisms" run rampant in any attempted discussions about political and elite corruption, Neil explains the subliminal marketing, employed by groups like Cambridge Analytica, that have permeated our culture, and hijacked our consciousness. A data mining firm financed by Breitbart owner and Trump campaign donor, Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica merged with SCL Group, a former British military intelligence organization to engage in a global campaign of psychological warfare and through micro-targeting. Sanders takes it one step further by detailing key figures and their connection between the election of Trump and the historic Brexit vote across the pond. 20:00 With an obvious cohesion between the Bush, Clinton, and Obama years that resembles more of an Olympic style passing of the torch than changing of political policies, the Trump administration's drastically different tone is not only apparent, but has sparked some to speculate a closed-door coup is happening in America. Sanders breaks it down to the bottom-line: money. Neil explains Russia's impact on the international stage, what they stand to gain through the collapse of the EU and turmoil in the US, and Ukraine's key role in all of it. 25:00 Switching gears a bit, as someone who has spent countless hours studying the dark undercurrents of the Hollywood culture, Sanders give his take on the possible agenda behind the recent flood of sexual misconduct accusations catching celebrities such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and Louis C.K. in the cross-hairs. 33:00 Continuing with their discussion of Hollywood's darkest secrets, Greg and Neil pivot to the infamous saga of the Manson murders and Sanders' most recent exploration culminating in his book, "Now Is The Only Thing That Is Real". 40:00 From Vincent Bugliosi's 'Helter Skelter' and Dave McGowan's Satanic cult theory, to William Scanlon Murphy's drug-deal gone wrong and Adam Gorightly's 'Operation Chaos', Sanders details the four mainstream theories circulating about the motivations behind the Manson murders. Neil walks through his research, including inconsistencies in the prosecution's explanation and physical evidence at the crime scene, an alibi for Manson at the time of his supposed race war bonfire speech, the injection of high price mob lawyers,
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