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Jay Parker | Satanic Ritual Abuse, Entity Invocation, & The Power of Consciousness
Dec 9, 2017 · 1 hr 14 min
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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats as he talks satanic ritual abuse, entity invocation and the power of consciousness with guest, Jay Parker. While may of us are familiar with the dark and nefarious deeds of elite occultists, most of these accounts of satanic rituals involving rape, sacrifice, and mind-control come from second-hand sources, making them vague and hard to verify. Today's guest, Jay Parker is a multi-generational Satanist, who spent the first seven years of his life, deeply entrenched in The Church of The Marquis of Hell. Forced to withstand a plethora of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his parents and other cult members, Jay joins The Higherside to expunge past atrocities and shed light onto elite occult families, their systemic abuse, and his uphill struggle to re-program his subconscious mind. 3:30 As a man who has lived through some of life's greatest traumas, and come out the other side, Jay begins by describing his frightening and horrific childhood. Born into a multi-generational, Satanic family, with elite parents whose powerful occult knowledge and ability included mind control, rape and killing, Parker details his ancestral connection to Satanism stretching back on his mother's side 3,000 years to the Amalekite people of the Old Testament. 10:00 Providing some background for the circumstances he grew up under, Parker details the rich history surrounding his family's roots and the pre-Atlantean connection to his family's beliefs. He also touches on the true nature of Atlantis- it wasn't a Utopian paradise, but rather a fascist state where it's citizens were mind control victims. Greg and Parker discuss the magical implications behind conducting such nefarious rituals, the morphic field, satanic ritual abuse and their effects on epigenetics. 23:00 Parker continues describing the destruction of consciousness he experienced as a child. With every child in a "programmable state" during their earliest years of life, bombarding them with Satanic acts ideology, and imagery breaks down the subconscious. Greg and Parker also discuss the pre-Atlantean dark pact made by multi-generational elite families and entities. 35:00 An integral piece of Parker's presentations is his descriptions of elite pedophile villages, such as Arden, Delaware and Rose Valley, Pennsylvania, where perverse practices were par for the course among residents and these communities were established specifically for these nefarious purposes. Greg and Jay discuss some of the horrifying details about the rituals and torture he endured, including electroshock to the base of the spine, drugs, rape, murder and imprisonment. 45:42 After detailing several Satanic rituals he experienced, Jay and Greg pivot to discussing the occult influence in towns throughout the country, an interesting statue of Quaker William Penn, and the current state of Jay's family lineage. Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week's included: - trauma healing and EFT - modern-day pedophile/sexual abuse/trafficking scandals - mind control and Josef Mengele in Missouri - the scope of the overall network - Jay's shapeshifter experience - the new phase of the Big Cult's plan - the power of Rick Simpson Oil   A few valuable resources from the interview: John DuPont murder trial records: Allan and Delair's "Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 95,00 B.C.": Allan and Delair's "When the Earth Nearly Died:Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change 9500 BC. ": Rupert Sheldrake's "Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields": https://www.sheldrake.
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