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Austin Coppock | Astrology, Trump, & The 2017 Assessment
Feb 18, 2017 · 1 hr 15 min
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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he hosts returning guest, Austin Coppock, to discuss the 2017 astrological assessment and what the stars and planets say about Trump's presidency. As many of us already know, the tools of astrology offered critical insight held in high regard by our ancestors. But, when we look around, it is obvious to see this knowledge has been suppressed through campaigns constructed by the elite aiming to squash this otherworldly weapon and rob us of it's power. Fortunately, it is because of the dedicated research and painstaking practice of returning guest, Austin Coppock, this artful craft has been preserved and proliferated today. 1:40 Greg begins by recapping the previous show with Austin, in which they discussed the Hermetic arts, communicating with entities, how the gears of astrology work and the astrological conditions during major events. But, with topics still left untouched, he and Coppock "begin with the past" and start by examining how astrology relates to financial cycles. Coppock explains the ways astrology has been applied in finance and details the finer nuances a novice astrologer would need to consider while doing divinations. He also elaborates on the U.S. chart, it's Venus- Jupiter conjunction, and the significance of it. 9:18 After covering at length what could possibly be in store for the US economy, Coppock explains the ways one can utilize their individual chart. As Austin points out, while the US configuration of the Venus- Jupiter conjunction typically signify abundance, individual charts may have other things more closely associated to money, such as the Sun. He also offers his advice on the study of astrology, and one's ability to coherently analyze several layers of "wheels within wheels". 12:42 Tackling another topic left off last episodes roster, Greg and Austin discuss Ophiuchus, a large constellation named from the Geek word for "serpent-bearer". Coppock offers some clarity into this disinformation campaign by explaining that the knowledge of it's existence pre-dates the claims of NASA and the root of this issue has more to do with misinformation surrounding the Zodiac and it's uses in astrology. Austin also explains that while the Zodiac is commonly associated with constellations, which can cause errors in calculations in time. But by dividing up the sky in a way known as, Tropical Zodiacs, slippage and calendar corrections become unnecessary. 21:42 With the war against "fake news" raging like we've never seen before, Austin details how a series of Saturn- Neptune squares led to a shift in reality and the emergence of a more "melty" paradigm. Coppock gives greater insight into the influence of Saturn on reality and the effect of  "far-out" planet, Neptune. As Austin describes, the squaring of planets puts their priorities at odds and is considered one of the least harmonious relationships these planets can have. It is this contentiousness that has manifested in the constant debate of things such as the news and facts. 26:39 Austin elaborates on the Saturn- Pluto conjunction that is notoriously associated with the "thickening of borders". 29:16 Now that Trump has been inaugurated, Greg and Austin explore what his natal chart holds. As Austin explains, a lot can be gathered about a person's characteristics and mannerisms by looking at their chart, while determining specifics such as outcomes of campaigns can be more challenging. Trump's birth chart does offer intriguing insights including Mars and Leo on the rising and the position of the Sun. 36:20 Continuing on with their examination of the role of Uranus, Austin outlines how Uranus is strongest when in Aquarius, which happens for 7 years in an 84 year time period. After careful examination, we can see the period of Uranus in Aquarius has happened twice in the 20th century, each time during significant periods of change or disruption.
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