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John McMurtry | The Cancer Stage Of Capitalism
Nov 27, 2016 · 1 hr 10 min
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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, discusses "The Cancer of Capitalism", with philosophy professor and author, John McMurtry. We have watched the disease that is Private Fractional Reserve banking and the "profit or bust" mindset slowly erode and infect nearly every aspect of life- from the exhausted environment, to the march of the military industrial complex, to the lives spent in unfulfilling jobs just to pay off the debt that got them there. Our societal and personal motivations are so warped by this green monopoly money that people regularly debate what behaviors truly reflect human nature and what can be credited to the crack-like addiction we have to this cycle of greed, debt, and consumerism. While it is a lot to unpack, and may of us recognize this destructive and sociopathic system cannot continue, we need the communal equivalent of a full medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan, before much can be done. Today's guest, John McMurtry has authored several books including, "The Cancer Stage of Capitalism", is a retired professor of Philosophy, expert in Value-theory, physician of finance and doctor of the debt based system of rule. 2:12 To kick things off, John begins by expanding on the metaphor of cancer he often uses to diagnosis the current conditions of our economy and society. As he explains, Fractional Reserve banking is likely the original disorder and very much a key part of the cancer system. According to McMurtry, the cancer system is the disease, and the disease is: transnational money sequences, which have escalated to superseding all life needs. 12:01 With transnational money sequences acting as a cancer to society, and their ability to metastasize being aided through Fractional Reserve banking and trade treaties, Donald Trump's ability to capture the attention of disenfranchised victim's of this cancer is due in large part to the mainstream media's blackout of this topic. A dispossessed society, feeling unheard has witnessed the corporate media's refusal to acknowledge their fight against a cancer system that will ultimately, by it's very nature kill them. Along with a defeated society, another tentacle on this cancerous octopus is the military industrial complex. Acting as a means to commit eco-genocide, this faction of the cancer equation, spearheaded by among others the hawkish Hillary Clinton, has been a constant blemish bankrupting society and negating all life needs, as cancer does. 20:01 John elaborates on the dichotomy that "The most suppressed issues of our epoch is the war between life capital on one hand and money capital on the other." After covering how the money system operates, what it's achieved and how it's come to form as this cancer stage, McMurtry explains there is a deeper question to be examined. The concept of rationality itself, or self-maximizing choice and preference, comes into play in these philosophies and is the foundation for understanding the the complex web of life and money capital.   26:42 In John's book, he refers to economics as a pseudo-science and has a section with the heading: Methodological Censorship in the Academy. Listen as Greg and John discuss they ways the school system has been set up to influence our thoughts on economics and how the teachings are skewed to hide a lot of critical points of McMurtry's work. He also describes the deeply entrenched systems in place throughout our government to allow this corporate corruption and cancer to continue to metastasize throughout our society using treaties and transnational money sequencing. 38:47 While many of us can see the things that need  in order to preserve life capital above all else, but the real question is how do we get there? As a philosopher, McMurtry is able to see the things that ultimately decide what's happening with our principles. As John explains, his work is based on understanding the regulating principles,
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