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Melinda Leslie | Alien Abductions, Milabs, & Their Eerie Corporate Connections
May 25, 2016 · 1 hr 17 min
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On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Melinda Leslie, who is an expert in both alien abductions and milabs. Milabs are military abductions, often taking place after an alien abduction experience. These experiences tend to be concealed, and there are often eerie corporate connections, with prominent politicians and corporate bigwigs involved. There are a lot of theories about why milabs do what they do, and our guest will talk to us about why she thinks they happen, as well as some of the specifics that are universally described by abductees. Melinda has been abducted both by aliens and the government herself, so she has a wide breadth of her own knowledge to reflect on. In addition, she’s interviewed more than 100 fellow experiencers. She also leads night-vision-clad UFO tours that boast a 100% sighting rate. In addition, she’s a medium and a psychic. Here are some of the topics that you will hear about on today’s podcast: 7:00: Alien abductions, as well as milab abductions, tend to run in families. Some of the family background factors that can influence whether a person will be abducted include parental involvement in Intelligence, high military offices, aerospace and secret societies. 16:00: There are some obstacles that come up when researching extraterrestrial encounters, and Melinda talks about them, as well as some of the current researchers and their work. 21:00: The milab agenda is based on five categories of information when it comes to abductions: The alien agenda, psychic abilities in abductees, the genetic backgrounds of abductees, mind-control practices, and the higher technology that aliens have (which abductees are often witnesses of). 30:00: Why fear and panic during an abduction by either aliens or milab workers can result in the abductors shutting down your memory. 39:00: Who “minders” are, and how they get involved in the lives of abductees. 44:30: Evidence that alien technology will soon be released or disclosed to the public. One large piece of evidence is that of whistleblowers like Corey Goode. 1:08:20: The physical evidence that milab abductions are real. It includes witnesses, recorded conversations, helicopter harassment, property break-ins, and exotic drugs and chemicals found in abductees’ hair and bloodstreams. 1:16:40: The idea that people who have a history of abductions also tend to have other paranormal experiences. Does one cause the other? How do the two correlate? 1:28:40: Melinda’s extensive experiences being in underground labs. Most abductees report being taken underground, and she gives a lot of details about her own experiences. 1:47:00: Melinda shares details about her UFO tours, particularly about the sightings that tourgoers have experienced. Links and Resources: MIT study on alien abduction The Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) Diary of an Abduction Project Camelot SAIC Barry Taff Contact in the Desert 2016 Like The Higherside Chats on Facebook: Find our shows on YouTube for easy sharing: Twitter: Reddit: Review Us On iTunes:
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