The Higherside Chats
Michael Joseph | The Occult Aspects Of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Blockchain Tech
Aug 28, 2018 · 1 hr 14 min
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Alright Higherside Chatters- it's no surprise to us that the world is steeped in an esoteric soup of numbers, symbols and rituals – that are of the utmost importance to some unseen occultists of the capstone cabal....and while I tend to think that our material plane is designed to be a canvass in which these things play themselves out- it's obvious that the foxes have overtaken the hen house- some unsavory hands are on the steering wheel- and most of us “profane masses” lack the deep and complex context to properly unpack these threads or better yet- fight fire with fire- and use them to our own advantage.

But with the Empire's recent pivot, the techno-cratic screws tightening, and some freaky harsh space weather- many of us seem to be erratically reacting out of emotion and wishful thinking- which is understandable, but not always that productive. And if this wasn't enough, it's pretty obvious there are many new threads on the conspiracy cardigan in the last few years: From Cry…
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