Episode 121 – Chapters 6 and 7 of Gardens of the Moon
1 hr 17 min

In this episode the Scooby Gang (Krokus, Rallick Nom, Murillio, and Kruppe) hangs out in Darujhistan and plays with their wax disks.  We meet the Crone, Baruk, and Circle Breaker.  Anomander Rake stops by to gloat about his superior tongue skills and drink box wine.


  • Anomander Rake is hiding something about Pale’s Wizards.  It’s not as straightforward as he says.
  • Rallick wants something from the pond in the Tower’s keep.
  • Rallick was going to assassinate Lady Simtal on behalf of another, but I suspect that it actually isn’t Coll, but instead Baruk.  And that Baruk had plans with Simtal that the Lady interrupted…thus Baruk sent Rallick to dispatch her. 
  • Kruppe is not human.

Our next episode will cover chapters eight through ten of Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson.

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