Long Live the Queen – Regina Tiedemann in Dark
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Long Live the Queen – Regina Tiedemann in Dark


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The Dark Three pay homage to the queen, in both name and importance, of Netflix’s Dark – Regina. They explore her relationship and pure love with Aleksander, discuss his mysterious background, and uncover Regina’s startling mythological origins that lead to a discovery that shakes the Dark Three “to their roots.”

Cover art by Jhony Caballero @jhonyknight

Show notes:  

Exhibit A: The bird necklace’s owners

Exhibit B: The Doppler Mansion 1953 / Waldhotel Winden 2019

Exhibit C: Regina’s “glow up”

Exhibit D: Aleksander’s passport photo mystery

Exhibit E: Regina’s jewelry clues

Exhibit F: A Reddit comment that mentions us. Thank you!

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